Is there a bird called the Wahoo Bird?

I have just read a passage mentioning the Wahoo bird but have not been able to find any information on it. The passage states the bird flies backwards, but the Hummingbird is the only bird indicated that flies backwards?

Answer: The Hummingbird is the only bird that flies backwards due to their unique upstroke strength. We can find no reference of a Wahoo bird, however there is a Wahoo fish:

About The Wahoo Fish

Wahoo Fish

The Wahoo fish can be found in the warmer tropical and subtropical offshore water regions of Hawaii, USA, Kenya, Madeira and Mexico where they prefer a temperature of between 70 - 80 F.

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Pacific Kingfish

Its species/scientific name is Acanthocybium solandri. It is also known as the Ocean Barracuda, Oahu fish, The Ono and the Pacific Kingfish. It was thought to be related to the billfishes, but it is now known that the Wahoo is a Scombrid, not an Istiophorid, so is more closely related to the King Mackerel and Tuna family. The Wahoo fish has a longer snout. They have 25- 30 irregular vertical bars on the sides of blackish-blue colour. These stripes are less noticEable in larger specimens.

Largest Fish

The largest Wahoo fish found was the recorded World Record of 158 lbs and 8 oz at Mexico. Most grow to over 6 feet and weigh over 100 lbs. They reach sexual maturity in their first year. They grow so fast in their first year because they are a short lived fish.

How To Catch A Wahoo Fish

The Wahoo fish are caught with heavy tackle and trolling techniques. They tend to school around structures so love ship wrecks, oil rigs, reef lines, ledges and shelves and weed lines. The Wahoo fish usually feed on the outgoing tide and are said to be a top predator. They are known for their drag destroying high speed runs which earnt them the nickname the cheetahs of the sea. They are solitary fish, though sometimes school together in small groups of about three.

The Wahoo love to eat a variety of open water baitfish such as butterfish, pilchards, scad, flying fish, bonito, puffer fish, small mackerel, small tuna, mullet, porcupine fish and squid.

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