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Trivia about the gameshow The Price Is Right and an online bingo game for cash prizes:

ThePriceIsRightThe Price Is Right is a gameshow that originated in America in 1956 and was also broadcast in the UK with a variety of famous hosts such as Lesley Crowther, Bruce Forsythe and Joe Pasquale. This article will give you a history of The Price Is Right, the models and presenters and how to play The Price Is Right.

Price Is Right Game

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The Price Is Right Trivia

If you run a pub quiz or are looking for quizzes then this The Price Is Right trivia would be ideal for you to form your quiz answers and questions sheet.

Bob Stewart was the creator of The Price Is Right. He worked for Goodson-Todman Productions in the USA. The original The Price Is Right television game show was first broadcast on the American NBC and the ABC television networks and was thirty minutes duration. It was a long running game show and was broadcast from 1956 to 1965. The first US host of The Price Is Right was Bill Cullen (that would make a great The Price Is Right trivia question and answer).

In 1957 The Price Is Right appeared on Australian television on the channel ATN-7.

The franchise rested in America for several years and a new series was filmed and first appeared on CBS television on the 4 September 1972. The gameshow was now one hour in length.

Leslie Crowther It was some years later before The Price Is Right was broadcast in Britain. The first UK host presenter was Leslie Crowther in 1984. It was broadcast on Channel 3 (ITV) and had a prime time Saturday night slot. It ran until 1988 and often attracted viewing figures as high as 16 million. It was made by Central TV. Leslie Crowther went on to be the presenter of the first three series of Stars In Their Eyes and wrote his autobiography, The Bonus of laughter, in 1994.

It reappeared on the screens but changed to Friday night in 1996 when it became Bruce's Price Is Right with Bruce Forsyth. Sadly Leslie Crowther had died and the first episode was introduced with the announcement:

Bruce Forsyth would like tonight's programme to be dedicated to the memory of Leslie Crowther.
The rights to the UK The Price Is Right TV game show are owned by the Free Mantle Media section of the RTL Group. Talkback Thames are the producers.
The Price Is Right is America's second longest running gameshow and is still aired on the channel CBS with the host Bob Barker. The longest running gameshow is the Spanish variety show Sabado Gigante which is broadcast five days a week.

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Memorable moments have appeared on It Will Be Alright On The Night with Denis Norden. This includes the buxom women who excitedly ran down from the audience to the stage when her name was shouted out to Come On Down - her dress slipped and her breasts did come on down! The clip can be seen on sites like You Tube.

How To Play The Price Is Right

The appeal of The Price Is Right is that members of the audience were chosen to play The Price Is Right and were chosen at random and met with the words Come on Down! when their names were shouted out by the host presenter. They were then invited onto the stage which was known as Contestants Row. At this stage when Leslie Crowther was the host each contestant would be awarded an Olympic-style gold medal. A few years later this was changed to a cute cuddly teddy bear that was always called William.

The Price Is Right

There are four contestants who each have to guess the price of a prize object and make a bid. The contestant who gets the nearest bid to the value of the prize is the winner. Bids that are higher than the value are not valid where as lower bids are. The player with the highest value of prizes was invited to return to appear in the next episode of The Price Is Right. They would earn the title of Champion. By the seventies the format changed slightly and the person with the closest bid got to play mini games of The Price Is Right. These were called Pricing Games. The contestant could win more prizes before the last game with a big prize of a holiday or car. The modern day The Price Is Right with Joe Pasquale had prizes of luxury holidays or a mini cooper or similar cars.

Other changes to how to play The Price Is Right included a giant wheel that the contestants could spin and those who reached the dollar or pound sign in one, two or three spins would be brought back at the end of the sow to a special game called the Showcase.

Joe Pasquale In 2006 after appearing on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and being crowned the King of the Jungle the comedian Joe Pasquale became the new presenter of The Price Is Right. The showcase featured the last game where the contestant had to guess the total value of the showcase prizes and the nearest guess by a contestant would win everything.

During the broadcast of The Price Is Right there is a phone in viewer competition to win cash prizes.

Previous versions of the game saw people play the Supermarket game where each contestant had to pick up grocery items to add up to a specific amount. They would then spin a wheel to try and get near 100. The two contestants who reached this or were near to it would go through to the final. Anyone getting 100 were awarded with a bonus prize. By the time of Bruce Forsyth being the presenter this was a £1000 cash bonus. This game had to be removed after complaints that no skill was involved and it was merely a game of chance. It was replaced with the game called Check the Difference were players had to compare prices with those from years past.

Another change in the 1990s version with Brucey was the range finder that would electronically and randomly select a value between £1000 through to £5000 when the contestant pressed the button. Prizes were much lower two decades later with Joe Pasquale's but the game show was played daily rather than weekly. Typical cash prizes were from £500 to £4000.

Other mini games of The Price Is Right included:

Hole In One

Hole In One was a golfing mini game where the contestant putted the golf ball into a hole. If they correctly guessed a price they could stand much closer to the hole before swinging the putter. To give the golfer a better chance of sinking the ball Bruce would stand with a sign that said Hole In Two giving them an extra swing.


In the mini game Plinko a contestant would be given discs to drop into holes and the object was to find a cash pocket. Contestants who got the prices correct were given more discs.

The biggest game within The price is Right is the shouting and screaming of the prices by the audience and this added to the drama and comedy moments of the show.

Presenters of The Price Is Right

The first UK presenter of The Price Is Right in 1984 was Leslie Crowther who was also called Les or Busy Les during the game show. His shows ran from the 24 March 1984 to the 7 April 1988. This amounted to 100 episodes.

Bruce Forsyth When the TV programme returned in the nineties on the 4 September 1995 the presenter was Bruce Forsyth, also called Brucey, Bruce or Brucie. He presented the game show until 2001 with a run of 117 shows. He also presented other gameshows such as The Generation Game, You Bet! and in more modern times Strictly Come Dancing.

The show rested for a few years and returned in 2006 on the 8 May with the presenter Joe Pasquale. He is best known for his squeaky voice and comedy acts in the late nineties. Average viewing figures were about 800,000 and a second series is yet to be commissioned, though there are specials.

There was a brief new series on Sky One hosted by Bob Warman in 1989. This was called The New Price Is Right.

There has been some gameshow marathon specials that featured The Price Is Right with Ant and Dec and a later one with Vernon Kay on his Saturday night game show homage Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon.

The Price Is Right Board Game

During the height of popularity of The Price Is Right there was a board game featuring Leslie Crowther. Copies can be bought second hand on eBay. When Bruce Forsythe took over after the sad death of Leslie Crowther a new edition was brought out featuring Brucey.

The Price Is Right Board Game In the digital age of 2005 an interactive The Price Is Right DVD was released for viewers to play at home. Joe Pasquale was the presenter. A new traditional board game was also released and is still available to buy from leading toy shops like Toysrus and Amazon.

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Models on The Price Is Right

One of the attractions of The Price Is Right was the beautiful models who would demonstrate the prizes, guide the contestants and help the presenters. These female models included: Julia Roberts, Cindy Day, Peitra Caston, Natalie Denning, Lea Kristensen, Marie Elise, Tracie Williams, Suzie Marlowe, Amanda Robbins, Carol Greenwood, Natalie Pike, Judy Bailey, Jacqueline Bucknell, Denise Kelly, Julie Broster, Sandra Easby, Gillian de Terville, Kimberley Cowell, Elsa O'Toole, Katrina Maltby, Emma Noble and Emma Steadman .

Male models on The Price Is Right included Ray "Raymond" Tizzard, Simon Peat, Brian Tattersall and Richard Kyte.

The Price Is Right Theme Tune

The Price Is Right Theme Tune is available as a ringtone for mobile phones. The name of The Price Is Right themetune was.
Appear on The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right
An application form to appear on The Price Is Right can be obtained from the Talk Back Thames website at www.talkbackthames.tv

The Price Is Right is filmed at Granada Studios in Manchester, England, UK. If you are chosen to appear in the audience with a chance to take part you will need to make your own travelling and accommodation costs.

The producers ask that you come along with at least 20 friends, relatives, work mates etc so that they can cheer on a known contestant to add a bit of fun and drama.

Contact Details Price Is Right

The address is:

The Price Is Right
PO Box 5068

Catchphrases of The Price Is Right

General catchphrases of The Price Is Right were:

Come On Down!

The Time is Right. The Place is Right. So come on down. The Price is Right!

It's Saturday Night! So come on down! The Price is Right!

Flash The Cash!

The catchphrases of Bruce Forsyth were:

Fifty Quid!

Here we go. It's Britain's biggest game show! Bruce's Price is Right!

Remember, no matter what happens, Bruce's price is always right - good night!

The catchphrase of Joe Pasquale was:

There'd be no show without Joe... Joe Pasquale!

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