Strike It Lucky Quiz Questions with Answers

Free Strike It Lucky Quiz with the answer to each question:

This fun Strike It Lucky quiz sheet based on the UK television programme Strike It Lucky can be printed off for free and is ideal for a pub quiz or club quizzes. The answers to the quiz questions appear further below - Awight!


1. Who was the host of Strike It Lucky?

2. In what year did Strike It Lucky first appear on ITV?

3. In 1996 Strike It Lucky changed the name of the game show. Name the new show?

4. How many contestants started each game of Strike It Lucky?

5. How many spaces and TV monitors did each contestant have to move across

6. If the contestant had to pass the play of the game to an opponent what had they hit?

7. What was the top cash prize of Strike It Lucky?

8. What was the catchphrase of the host of Strike It Lucky presenter?

9. Name one of the actors who performed the voice overs?

10. What was the theme tune to Strike It Lucky?

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1. Michael Barrymore.

2. 1986.

3. Strike It Rich.

4. There are two corrects answers to this Strike It Lucky quiz question - 3 couples or 6 people.

5. 10.

6. A Hot Spot.

7. £10,000.

8. Choose from "Awight", "What's a Hot Spot Not", "Not a Good Spot" or "Top, middle or bottom?" which were all said by Michael Barrymore.

9. Either actor John Benson or Robin Houston.

10. This is not a trick question. We don't know this answer and have included it in the hope that someone can e-mail us (details on the right) so we can add this Strike It Lucky quiz question and answer.

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