Question and Answer Quiz Sheet For St Andrews Day

Free to print off St Andrews Day question and answer quiz - ideal for pub and club quizzes:

The St Andrew questions and answers below can be used for quizzes for St Andrew's Day. The answers are printed below the questions:

St Andrew Questions

1. Which country is St Andrew the patron saint?

2. What was St Andrew’s job?

3. Why is St Andrew's Day celebrated on the 30th

4. Where was St Andrew born?

5. What is the Crux Decussata better known as?

6. Name 2 countries which St Andrew preached in following Jesus’ death.

7. Name a celebrity with a birthday on St Andrew's Day.

8. St Andrew is the patron saint of:
  • a. Fishermen, Farmers and Light-keepers
  • b. Fishermen, Singers and Unmarried women
  • c. Fishermen, Ministers and Married women
  • d. Fishermen, Highland dancing and Jam making

9. How did St Andrew die?

10. Where is the final resting place of most of St Andrew’s bones?

  • a. St Andrews, Scotland
  • b. Rome, Italy
  • c. Patras, Greece
  • d. Portsmouth, England

11. What is Pantone 300?

12. On St Andrew’s Day if a young woman were to peel an apple in one go, what would the shape of the peel show?

13. The blue background on St Andrew’s flag symbolizes?
  • a. The sea
  • b. The sky
  • c. The Blue Boulder Stone
  • d. The colour of his knees whilst in Scotland

14. In what year did St Andrew die?

15. Did St Andrew ever come to Scotland when alive?

16. What was the name of the Greek Monk who took the bones of St Andrew to Scotland?

17. What does the name Andrew mean?

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St Andrew Answers

1. Scotland.

2. Fisherman.

3. This was the day on which Andrew was martyred.

4. The Sea of Galilee (award a Bonus point in the quiz for Bethsaida)

5. The St Andrew's Cross or Saltire Flag

6. Greece, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Asia Minor and in Scythia

7. Sir Winston Churchill, Ben Stiller, Lorraine Kelly, Ridley Scott, Billy Idol, Gary Lineker

8. b.

9. He was crucified (gave another bonus point for X –shaped cross)

10. c.

11. The official colour of the background of the Saltire flag.

12. The initial of her future husband

13. b.

14. 60AD.

15. No

16. St Regulus or Rule.

17. Manly or Courageous.

There is a full article and information about St Andrew with history and trivia on the Saint Andrew page. Please feel free to use this to make your own questions and answers for your St Andrew night event.

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