Soldier UK Rank - Army

The other ranks of soldiers and non commissioned officers (NCO) of the British Army form the most senior rank to the junior ranks:

Warrant Officer Class One (Regimental Sergeant Major RSM)
Warrant Officer Class Two (Quartermaster Sergeant QMS)
Warrant Officer Class Two
Staff Sergeant or Colour Sergeant for some infantry regiments
Corporal or Bombardier for an artillery regiment
Lance Corporal or Lance Bombardier for an artillery regiment

Badge Ranks of British Army Junior Ranks

UK soldiers will wear the following badges on their uniform to signify their rank:

Warrant Officer First Class (WO 1 or RSM - Regimental Sergeant Major) - Royal coat of arms worn on the forearm.

Warrant Officer Second Class (WO 2 or CSM - Company Sergeant Major) - Crown on forearm.

Staff Sergeant (S Sgt) - crown above three stripes.

Sergeant (Sgt) - Three stripes.

Corporal (Cpl) - Two stripes.

Lance Corporal (LCpl) - One stripe.

Private (Pte)

Commissioned Officers ranks.

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