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Rocky Trivia about the boxing films of Rocky Balboa the Italian Stallion starring Sylvester Stallone:

Rocky Trivia

The Rocky films appeared on screen between 1976 and 2006. The last Rocky film, Rocky 6 was released in the US for Christmas 2006 and the UK in 2007. Unlike the other Rocky films it did not end in a number but had the title of Rocky Balboa. Trailers for Rocky 6 Rocky Balboa were released in March 2006. The trailer to Rocky Balboa was released on internet site Yahoo! and was the most watched trailer ever on Yahoo! to date.

It took 38 days to film Rocky Balboa at a cost of $24 million.

The catchphrase of Rocky Balboa is It ain't over 'til it's over.

Each Rocky film has been written by the star Sylvester Stallone. He also directed Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 4 and Rocky 6 which is also called Rocky Balboa.

Sylvester Stallone wanted to make a Rocky VI, despite being aged 60 years, because so many people, including himself, was so disappointed with the Rocky V film. He revealed this to his fans when interviewed by Jim Rome on The Jim Rome Show on December 13 2006.

One working title for Rocky Balboa was Rocky 6: Puncher's Chance.

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Real life boxers to appear in the Rocky films have been Joe Frazier (Rocky), Mike Tyson (Rocky 6) and real life wrestler Hulk Hogan played Thunderlips in Rocky III. Real life sports presenter Brian Kenny (ESPN Sports Center) has a part as himself in Rocky 6.

The real son of Sylvester Stallone acted as his son in Rocky V but Sage Stallone turned down the chance of reprising his role of Robert 'Rocky' Balboa Junior in Rocky 6. He had prior obligations with his film company Grindhouse Releasing. Rocky's son is now played by Milo Ventimiglia in the last film Rocky Balboa.

The fight entrance with Rocky coming out before he fights Mason Dixon was filmed during the Middleweight Championship rematch between Jermain Taylor and Bernard Hopkins in December, 2005.

We will have a link on the bottom of this page to our own Rocky quiz with Rocky questions and answers for pub quiz masters or for those looking for a Rocky quiz. In the meantime feel free to use the information and Rocky facts on this page as a basis for your quiz, or scroll down for the link. The next Rocky fact would make a great Rocky 6 trivia question:

The only actors and actresses to appear in every Rocky film, including Rocky 6, are Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa, The Italian Stallion), Talia Shire (Adrian), Burt Young (Paulie) and Tony Burton (Duke). The scenes of Adrian were flashbacks to archive footage from previous Rocky films.

The character Adrian dies at the beginning of Rocky Balboa (Rocky 6) and appears throughout the film in flashbacks.

The entrance of Rocky from the changing rooms into the boxing crowds and arena before he fights Mason Dixon was shot in between the real life Middleweight Championship rematch between Jermain Taylor and Bernard Hopkins in December 2005.

The nickname of the opponent Mason Dixon in Rocky 6 (Rocky Balboa) is The Line. He is played by actor Antonio Tarver.

In 2005 Sylvester Stallone starred in reality TV programme The Contender where he was the host and 16 boxing hopefuls were given challenges and had to fight each other to become The Contender and win a million dollars. It co-starred Sugar Ray Leonard and was produced and directed by Mark Burnett and Jeffrey Katzenberg

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The UK film premiers of Rocky Balboa will take place on the 16 January 2007 and the general release to United Kingdom cinemas will take place on the 19 January 2007.

To launch the final instalment in the Rocky series of films Sylvester Stallone came to the UK during the time of the Rocky Balboa film premiere of the second week in January. He went to an Everton football match at Goodison Park when they played against Reading and attended a gala dinner with British boxers.

Rocky Balboa UK Premiere

On the 16 January 2007 Rocky Balboa premiered in London at the Leicester Square Vue cinema. Sylvester Stallone attended the Rocky Balboa UK premiere. As he stepped off the red carpet he was greeted by cheers of "Rocky Rocky!" Most of the crowd were under 30 years of age, so Sylvester has reached a new generation of Rocky fans. Sly spent several minutes signing autographs and meeting the crowd.

Lisa Snowdon presented the TV programme Rocky Balboa: UK Premiere ITV Special which was aired on channel 3 television on Friday 19 January 2007 which coincided with the general release of what is already being renamed as Rocky VI. Will there be a rocky VII, asked Lisa Snowdon when she interviewed Sylvester Stallone. Sadly Sly ruled out a seventh Rocky film but ardent Rocky fans still dream of a Rocky seven.

Celebrity fans of Rocky Balboa attended the UK premiere including comedian Frank Skinner, real life boxer Amir Khan, actress and model Jennifer Ellison and footballers Ashley Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Searches for Rocky Balboa soared in January 2007 and made the MSN Hotlist top 5 searches for actors and movies chart.

On Monday 15 January Film 2007 with Jonathan Ross reviewed Rocky Balboa on BBC1.

Mistakes In The Rocky Films

The Rocky trivia continues further below when we look at each Rocky film and give you some more Rocky trivia but first, as great as the Rocky films are, there are several goofs and mistakes throughout the films. These include:

The budget to the first Rocky film was tight so stock footage of a crowd at the boxing ring was used. At times the footage of the fighters show no people occupying the seats.

Rocky punched Apollo Creed in the right ribs at the end of the first Rocky film. In Rocky II the actor who played Apollo Creed, Carl Weathers, is holding his left ribs at the hospital.

The drum used by the high school band in Rocky III when Rocky unveils his statue has the signature of Mr T clearly written on it.

A fight scene in Rocky III has been reversed because the shorts of his opponent has Clubber written inverted.

In Rocky IV his son looks to be about 7 years old. Rocky V is set within a few days or at the most a few weeks after his fight with Drago, unless a flight home from Russia takes a while! Yet in Rocky V his son has become a teenager. Rocky still has the bruises from the fight with the Russian. A continuity error overlooked so that Sylvester Stallone's son, Sage Stallone, could become his on-screen son.

A continuity error on Rocky V occurred when Paulie took a plate from Adrian, only to take it off her again several seconds later.

Rocky I Trivia

Rocky was released in 1976. Rocky cost $1.1 million to make and the producers has to mortgage their homes to fund the film. It went on to make over $117 million.

The part of Adrian, girlfriend then wife of Rocky Balboa, was originally offered to Bette Midler and Carrie Snodgrass. Other actresses to screen test for the role of Adrian included Susan Sarandon.

The part of Apollo Creed was first given to real life boxer Ken Norton, but he had to pull out of the movie at the last minute.

The producers wanted James Caan to be the star of Rocky, but Sylvester Stallone would only let them film his script if he himself acted the part of Rocky.

Rocky has several pets including two turtles in the first Rocky film called Cuff and Link (that would make a great Rocky trivia question for anyone looking at this page for a Rocky pub quiz or Rocky quiz questions and answers). He was then given a dog as a present by Adrian who worked in a pet shop. He named the dog Butkus.

When the actor Sylvester Stallone filmed the scenes where Rocky is in the cold meat factory punching the cold meat carcasses hanging from the wall, like a punch bag, he noticed his hands had gone a strange shape. To this day his knuckles remain flat. In Rocky 6 he once more returned to the meat packaging plant to pound joints of meat.

Rocky, the first Rocky film, won 3 Oscars for Best Director (John G. Avildsen), Best Film Editing (Richard Halsey and Scott Conrad) and Best Picture (Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff). RockyI also had 19 nominations including four BAFTA's, Best Drama Written Directly for the Screen by the Writers Guild of America, USA in 1977 and Talia Shire won the New York Film Critics Circle Awards in 1977 for the best Supporting Actress. Rocky I also won a Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture - Drama in 1977.

Bill Conti, the composer of the Rocky theme, Gonna Fly Now, won a Grammy Award in 1978 for the Best Album of Original Score written for a Motion Picture or Television Special. It reached number 1 in the American singles charts in July of 1977. He worked on all the Rocky films except for Rocky IV. The inspiration for the title of the music track came from a discussion with John G. Avildsen when he told Bill Conti: "It should be almost like Rocky is flying now."

The script to Rocky One was written by Sylvester Stallone. He only took three days he write the movie script and was inspired after he saw a boxing bout between the unknown underdog Chuck Wepner and Muhammad Ali. Chuck Wepner, like in the first Rocky film, lasted 15 rounds and even knocked the champion off his feet in the title fight. A second draft took only 86 hours and then a third and final script draft was written with the help of the producers during the summer months of 1975.

In keeping with the quick writing, Rocky was filmed within 28 days.

Rocky won an Oscar award for Best Film Editing because of the filming of the fight scenes. These were filmed in reverse, with Carl Weathers (Apollo Creed) and Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa) being heavily made up with bruises, cuts, etc and then having the special effects make up removed as each scene was filmed.

The steps Rocky run up are the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art which are now nicknamed the Rocky Steps. In 1982 the bronze statue of Rocky unveiled in the film Rocky 3 was donated to the Museum and now stands by the steps. It was made by A. Thomas Schomberg.

There was 15 boxing rounds between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed in the first Rocky film.

The actor Joe Spinell who played the loan shark Tony Gazzo in Rocky one and two had a real asthma attack in Rocky one when he pulled out his inhaler and used it when speaking with Rocky. The cameras kept running and the actors, including Tony Gazzo, kept up their dialogue. It worked so well that it was left in the final edit.

Sylvester Stallone found two small parts for his family - not because they wanted to be famous - it was to save money because the budget for Rocky I was so tight. His father, Frank Stallone, was the bell ringer who rang the bell to start the fight between Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa. Earlier in the film his young brother, also called Frank Stallone, was the lead singer in the street band who sang as Rocky and Adrian walked past. He had a speaking part later when he called to Rocky: "Get a job, you bum!"

Sylvester Stallone's first wife Sasha was the set photographer for Rocky.

Rocky II Trivia

Rocky II was released in 1979. Rocky II made over $85 million at the US box office.

The real name of the character Rocky is revealed in Rocky 2. It is Robert and is revealed in a flashback between Rocky and his trainer and manager Mickey Goldmill played by the actor Burgess Meredith.

The maiden name of Adrianna, Adrian, is revealed at her wedding to Rocky as Pennino. Though never give, Pennino must be the same surname for her brother Paulie since she has never married before.

The sparring partner for Rocky, at Mickey's gym, is a real life boxing champion called Roberto Duran. His nickname was Stonefist and he won the NBA Super Middleweight Title. He also acted in the original TV series Miami Vice and the film Harlem Nights.

In the hospital scenes where Adrian is lying in a coma Rocky reads to her. The book is called The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County by the author Edgar Rice Burroughs and was published in 1940.

Sylvester Stallone seriously injured a pectoral muscle during his intensive training for this movie.

Sylvester Stallone was a guest on The Muppet Show on 9 January 1979 as Rocky.

Rocky III Trivia

Rocky III was released in 1982 and took over $125 million in the US box office.

The charity fight scenes between Thunderlips (Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea) and Rocky took ten days to film. They were raising funds for The City Youth League. Hulk Hogan really did tower over Sylvester Stallone at eight inches taller. The height of Sylvester Stallone is 5' 10" whilst Hulk Hogan is 6'6" tall.

Sylvester Stallone thought he was good enough to fight a real boxer in this film so considered real boxers Joe Fazier and Earnie Shavers for the character Mr T. However in a practice bout for auditions Earnie Shavers broke two of Sylvester Stallone's ribs so he dropped the idea and choose an actor! The roll of Clubber Lang eventually went to Mr T whose real name is Laurence Tureaud. He was a former gym teacher, military policeman, bouncer and bodyguard to Steve McQueen, Diana Ross and Muhammad Ali. He later found more fame after a spell as a WWF professional wrestler in the A Team as Sgt. Bosco BA Baracus.

After the death of Rocky's trainer, Mickey, viewers first learn of his surname being Goldmill when it is seen on his grave marker.

The licence plate of Rocky's car, a black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, was Sothpaw. He switched fighting left handed (Southpaw) and fought right handed in this Rocky film.

Sylvester Stallone found a part for his then real life wife Sasha in the third Rocky film. She was the fan who gave him a kiss during his public training session.

The artist of the painting of Rocky and Creed boxing at the closing credits of Rocky 3 was LeRoy Neiman who also made a cameo appearance as the ring announcer in the Rocky and Thunderlips charity wrestle and boxing match.

The Eye Of The Tiger song by the group Survivor nearly did not make it onto the film. Sylvester Stallone originally wanted to use the Queen track Another One Bites The Dust but could not secure the rights to the track. Instead survivor was especially commissioned to write the song Eye of the Tiger.

This was the first Rocky film not to feature a 15 round boxing bout. The main fight was three bouts long.

Rocky IV Trivia

Rocky IV was released in 1985. It cost $31 million to film and made over $127 million.

The fight scenes between Rocky and his opponent Captain Ivan Drago (played by actor Dolph Lundgren) were real and Sylvester Stallone sustained rib and heart injuries. His heart became enlarged and his blood pressure rose to 200 resulting in him staying in intensive care for 8 days.

Sylvester Stallone's second wife Brigitte Nielsen played the part of Ludmilla Vobet Drago, the wife of his opponent.

The musical score for Rocky 4 was the only Rocky film not to be recorded by Bill Conti. Instead it was scored by Vince DiCola. His War: Training Montage proved as popular.

Rocky V Trivia

Rocky V was released in 1990 and some would say the least said the better! Thankfully Rocky 6 was made and was a return to form by Sylvester Stallone, even though it was made 16 years later. It only made $40 million at the American box office.

The original script for Rocky V was written by Sylvester Stallone and saw him kill off Rocky at the end, but he decided against this because he likened it off to killing an American icon much like Superman.

The boxing promoter character George Washington Duke (played by actor Richard Gant) was said to have been based on larger than life real boxing promoter Don King. They share the same catchphrase of "Only In America". Although the name of Rocky's trainer was also Duke, Sylvester Stallone had this character to have the surname Duke which was the real life nickname of his on screen opponent Tommy "Machine" Gunn who was played by the actor Tommy Morrison.

Tommy Morrison was a boxer in real life and went on to beat George Foreman for the vacant WBO world Heavyweight championship in 1993.

Marie in Rocky

The character Marie the street kid Rocky took away from a gang and told her to improve her life in Rocky I was to have made an appearance in Rocky V as a woman of the night - which Rocky predicted would happen if she hung out with those kids. The part was filmed and the original actress, Jodi Letizia, reprised her role. Her scenes were edited for the screen release and the Rocky V video but I think the scenes made the final cut of Rocky V on DVD.

However Marie had a more prominent and important role as a friend to Rocky in the sixth and final Rocky film Rock Balboa. She plays a barmaid who encourages Rocky to enter the boxing ring one last time. A far cry from the angry kid who shouted to Rocky "Screw you Creepo!" in the first Rocky film. Marie was this time played by Irish actress Geraldine Hughes Marie.

The reporters who appeared in Rocky V were not actors or actresses but real reporters from Philadelphia in the States. They were a mixture of newspaper and television reporters.

Rocky's opponent in Rocky Balboa was real life boxer Antonio Tarver. He had to increase his fighting weight bulk by three stones to play the role of Mason Dixon. Unfortunately for his next real fight he had to loose this extra weight quickly and sadly he lost his fight to 42 year old Bernard Hopkins. His sluggish performance was blamed on his sudden weight loss. He hopes to beat Bernard Hopkins in a light heavyweight rematch.

The Guinness World Records 2012 records the Rocky movies as being the most successful sports movie franchise having grossed $556 million at the domestic box office alone.

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