Rocky Balboa Quiz

Quiz questions and answers about Rocky Balboa and the Rocky Films:

This Rocky Balboa quiz is ideal for Rocky fans and can be used for a Rocky pub quiz or a Rocky Balboa theme night or just for fun:

Rocky Balboa Quiz

Rocky Questions

1. Who does Rocky fight in the Rocky Balboa film?

2. How old was Sylvester Stallone when he made Rocky Balboa?

3. What was the working title of Rocky Balboa?

4. What real life boxer appeared in Rocky Balboa?

5. How much did it cost to make Rocky Balboa?

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6. Which actor performed the role of Robert 'Rocky' Balboa Junior?

7. Name three actors or actresses to appear in every Rocky film.

8. What is the nickname of Rocky Balboa's opponent?

9. What Boxing reality TV programme did Sylvester Stallone star in before Rocky Balboa?

10. What are the names of the turtles of Rocky Balboa?

11. On what date did Rocky Balboa premier in the UK?

12. What is the name of Rocky Balboa's dog?

13. What is the Rocky Theme Score called?

14. What steps does Rocky famously run up in training?

15. Who did Rocky Balboa fight in the first Rocky film?

16. What was the maiden name of Rocky Balboa's wife, Adrian?

17. What is the nickname of Rocky Balboa?

18. Where did Rocky Balboa take Adrian on their first date?

19. Which Russian boxer fought Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV?

20. Which group recorded the Rocky theme tune Eye Of The Tiger For Rocky III?

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Rocky Answers

1. Mason Dixon

2. 60 years old

3. Punchers Chance

4. Mike Tyson

5. $24 million

6. Milo Ventimiglia

7. Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa, The Italian Stallion), Talia Shire (Adrian), Burt Young (Paulie) and Tony Burton (Duke)

8. The Line

9. The Contender

10. Cuff and Link

11. 16th January 2007

12. Butkus

13. Gonna Fly Now

14. Philadelphia Museum of Art

15. Apollo Creed

16. Pennino

17. The Italian Stallion

18. The Skating Ice Rink

19. Captain Ivan Drago

20. Survivor

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