Reverse Auction Site

Reverse Auction Site

Million-2-1 is a reverse auction site from How-Lo? that offers a great range of games and auctions that can be played online and via SMS. The current prizes from this fast-growing company are Ferraris, £100,000 cash, Plasma TVís, iPods, Xbox 360ís and Porsches.

Lowest Unique Bid Wins

You win by making the lowest unique bid for the item by the close of the auction. So if a Ferrari is up for grabs - you think the lowest bid will be £45.63 and this is the lowest unique bid that no-one else has also placed, then you win the Ferrari!

How Lo?

How Lo? has auctioned off over £500,000 worth of items for less than £900, including over 25 cars. One of these sold for just £3.25, and the most expensive car sold so far was a £20,000 Freelander for just £20.79. New sign ups receive three free bids. Thereafter, bids are individually priced at £1.50. Players are helped along as an auction progresses, the site will show tips as well as giving bidders up to date information on the status of any bids they have placed. The first auction is to win a Ferrari F430or £100,000 cash! There's a short turnaround time though Ė this auction will close at 5pm on Christmas Eve. Then amongst all the other auctions ongoing there'll be a new auction that follows the Ferrari - win a Porsche.

More information and how to claim your 3 free unique bids and register will follow soon.

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