Free Trials Rent Computer Games By Post

The websites below allow you to rent computer games for the Xbox console, Play Station, PS2 or Gamecube consoles for a small monthly fee. In return you get to keep each computer game for as long as you like, with no late returns fees. Once you have finished with each game you simply return it in the free post envelope and the company will send you another game by free return post. Some of the companies allow you to rent up to 5 games at a time - so you need never be without a game to play and having different games will stop the boredom.

Save Money Renting Games

Renting the games will save you money in the long run - rather than pay as much as 45 for a game you may only play through once, you can rent it - play it for as long as you want - then return it for another latest or classic game - all from under 10 a month.

Game Rental Subscription Present

Some of the sites below also provide gift vouchers to allow you to buy a subscription as a present. Ideal for Christmas or a unique birthday surprise.

Most offer a no commitment free trial so that you can try the services to see which you like:

Game Tart is a UK online games rental service. Game Tart has over 700 Playstation 2 games available with unlimited games rental for under 10 a month. You can try a 10 day free trial with no obligation.

Lovefilm allows you to rent both computer games and DVDs from the same account. So you can have a combination of games or DVDs, or just games in your rental choice. They offer a free 2 week trial. There are no late and no postage costs.

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