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Information about the radio detective drama Petrella which starred Philip Jackson. Includes episode guide, cast list and trivia:

Petrella was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as an Afternoon Play in 1999 and episodes ran until 2001. It is occasionally repeated on BBC7 radio station. Each story was a self contained drama of 45 minutes length.

Inspector Patrick Petrella is an Oxbridge educated detective who works at Patton Road Police Station in South London after the Second World War. His wife is an Argentinian dance teacher who teaches Tango in her classroom above a butcher's shop, until a villain helps Petrella secure a nicer room with a better dancing floor. Petrella is a thoughtful detective you loves to talk to himself. He is half Spanish and half English.

Episode Guide For Petrella

Season One

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours: Petrella is called to the crime scene of a woman murdered by a long handled screwdriver. She turns out to be a homeopathic doctor's secretary called Alice who was sent home suffering from a migraine headache. As the philosophical Inspector Petrella investigates the murder of the young woman he discovers that she led a double life. The drug Marijuana is found in her flat.

The Myth Of Return: Two men meet at the river for some shooting and later a body washes up at the Thames. South London sleuth Detective Petrella meditates on murder in the marshes and the foggy nature of truth whilst at home Petrella's wife is getting homesick for Argentina, the mountains, the street dancing and her family. The detectives soon start to investigate gold stolen from Jews during the Second World War.

Vengeance Foreseen: Freddie the gym owner is beaten up and the philosophising Inspector Petrella investigates and delves into the murky world of protection rackets and finds trouble a bit too close to home when he receives threatening letters about his wife. Bruno, an enforcer for the crook Lamsden gives evidence against his former boss.

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Outpacing The Fiend: Petrella's marriage is under strain and his family is in mortal danger. At work Inspector Petrella sets out to investigate a gruesome murder. The way the victim's skin has been stripped from the body indicates it could be a medical person who has committed the crime. As Petrella and his team of detectives investigate they find that the business of producing leather can be a dangerous one.

Season Two

Heroes And Villains: A body is found in the river with his skull caved in. Petrella is ordered by his superior to stop his investigation into a wage snatch job. He decides to ignore his orders. Confronted with robbery and murder, the Detective discovers even respected police officers aren't exempt from suspicion. But why has Petrella given up pints and is drinking tomato juice at the pub.

The Missionary Position: Inspector Petrella gets an anonymous tip off about some drugs. The snitch makes repeated phone calls about the involvement of her husband. Though she fears for his safety she won't reveal his name. She eventually gives Petrella the name of Jimmy Crips which leads Petrella to a boxing gym. Meanwhile DC Milo is unprepared for an encounter with a former tutor the Reverend Edward Freebone who now co-runs The Mission For Old Boys Gym - the name written on a running vest of a murder victim. Inspector Patrick Petrella turns down a bribe, but can Milo?

Death Watch: Petrella has a major task ahead - to protect a Nuremburg Trials judge from an avenging killer. No easy task, especially with his insomnia problem. Petrella visits his doctor for some help with his sleeping problems and in the hope of finding peace. Meanwhile his detectives check out the neighbours of the judge which include a lesbian journalist and an unqualified dentist.

Original Sins: A murder victim has been found chained to a post in the Thames. Inspector Patrick Petrella and his team of detectives investigate. The murder victim was Soapy, an informer of Petrella, who had been talking to the Inspector several days before. Petrella feels responsible and that the murder was a punishment for talking to the police. He is determined to find the murderer and along the way gets a confession from a monk.

Cast List For Petrella

Inspector Petrella - Philip Jackson
Burley - Nicky Henson - replaced by Anthony Jackson in Season Two
Surla - Mamta Kash
- Christian Rodska
Detective Constable Milo - Jamie Glover
Lamp - David Redgrave

Petrella was written by Michael Gilbert, dramatised by Michael Butt and directed by John Taylor.

Trivia About Petrella

Philip Jackson plays Inspectors in other television dramas such as Poirot (Chief Inspector Japp), Silent Witness (Detective Inspector Mike Toner) and The Wimbledon Poisoner (Detective Inspector John Rush).

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