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Information about the radio and book series P Division with episode guide, cast list and where to buy the books:

P Division P Division is a Scottish police radio drama thriller written by Peter Turnbull and the scripts are based on his fictional books.

The series was set in Western Glasgow, Scotland.

The series was first broadcast on Radio 4 in 1994 with a second series in 1995.

P Division is often repeated on BBC Radio 7. Each episode has a Code Four One - a murder to be investigated.

P Division: Code Four One Episode Guide

The Bonepit - P Division receive a Code Four One when a skeleton of a woman is found in a building site of a former waste ground and pit. The pathologist confirms she died from suffocation when a pair of nylon tights was stuffed in her throat - along with a middle finger from a male hand. The investigation leads the police detectives to a tenement flat with a curtain twitcher on the ground floor and body parts buried in the garden. But where is the head?

Originally broadcast on 11 July 1994 and was one hour in length.

The Ladder: A wealthy Italian businessman and his wife have disappeared. Their house looks in a state and the police believe they have been murdered. But where are the bodies? P Division investigates and seeks help from the gardener whilst the pathologist waxes lyrical over flies and fishing.
Originally broadcast on 18 July 1994.

Long Pig: The police investigate a brutal crime in the Parkhead area of Glasgow. The victim died a horrible death being burnt alive with their hands nailed to the floor. But is there a link between this one and the other murders of the Torch Man? The first of a two part police drama.
Originally broadcast on 25 July 1994.

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The Torchman: Has the wrong woman been arrested for the torchman murders? It would seem so when a new murder victim is found. P Division calls in a psychological profiler in the hope of finding the real torchman.
Originally broadcast on 1 August 1994.

Series Two

McInroy's Point: Detective Sergeant Charlotte Neville is a police officer from Q Division and is under suspicion for the murder of her mother. P Division investigate how she got a blow to the head and was found in the river weighted down at McInroy's Point. The father of DS Neville is missing, has he too been murdered? As the team investigate they find out that the son committed suicide in the Clyde - was he also murdered?
Originally broadcast on 16 October 1995.

Suffer The Children: What looks like a simple case of suicide by car fumes and carbon monoxide poisoning turns out to be much more and the P Division team find themselves investigating a cult. Their investigation takes them to a But n' Ben that looks like it belongs to The Broons family and gives them a taste of a fat rascal and cinnamon toast. Montgomery goes undercover to find a missing daughter.
Originally broadcast on 23 October 1995.

Kissogram: A courting couple find a body that has been strangled. P Division find that the investigation takes a religious turn when a leaflet for a Perth monastery is found in her pocket. With no dental treatment and no forms of identity other than a butterfly tattoo on the inside of her thigh the detectives have their work cut out to identify her. A local tattooist recognises her picture and identifies her as Claire a local Kissogram girl.
Originally broadcast on 30 October 1995.

Secret Affair: There has been a fire in a nearby hotel and a young girl called Sharon Craig is found dead in a bed. She was suffocated with a plastic bag over her head and insulation tape round the neck and the back of her head. Was it murder or assisted suicide? P Division investigates and discover she was a member of The Secrets an all girl grunge band who were supporting The Laughing Tree at the Barrowland. The team discover that a nephew of the victim's mother also died in the fire over twenty years ago back in the seventies. He was called Joseph Corbett and a member of a punk band. Soon people from that incident are being investigated for this murder investigation.
Originally broadcast on 6 November 1995.

The Good Thief: During a burglary TV personality and celebrity Margery Mellor is shot. The fatal wound was through the temple followed by two shots to the heart. All that is missing is a painting one of the Glasgow Boys, Joseph Crawhall, which is called Girls Amongst The Geese. Why was it stolen and the woman murdered?
Originally broadcast on 13 November 1995.

Hooked: The office cleaner finds the body of a man who is seen as a pillar of the community. He has been murdered in an unusual way with his belly and face cut deep and criss crossed. The cause of death was a direct knife wound to his heart. The corpse had a trout fish hook pushed through his jaw. Why would someone want to murder someone who is active in the church, raises funds for the Rotary Club, works for the local youth club and is a member of the golf committee? As P Division investigate they uncover a sordid past.
Originally broadcast on 20 November 1995.

Series Three

This series was broadcast on BBC Radio 7. I have been unable to trace when it was broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Some of the actors have changed and the theme tune was changed to one of clapping hands and a piano playing. Each story was in four episodes of 30 minute in length.

Condition Purple: A prostitute has been murdered. DI Donaghue learns all about the game and the oldest profession as he questions fellow prostitutes. The body was laid out in a ritual position and has a tattoo on the inside thigh near the groin. It read: "I belong to Deano". The detectives learn about The Black Team of former call girls who mug working girls for their ill gotten gains.
Originally broadcast from Monday 24 July to Thursday 27 July at 9am 2006 on Radio7.

Two Way Cut: A headless corpse is discovered early one morning on Glasgow's Maryhill Road. The P Division cops are back to investigate. The head is found and at the post mortem the pathologist discovers that the body was washed with industrial alcohol. There is not a trace of blood on the body or the head.
Originally broadcast from Friday 28 July to 9am 2006 on Radio7.

Cast List Of P Division

Martin McCardie as Hamilton
Crawford Logan DI Donaghue - in season 3 - Martin Cochran
Jake Darcy as Detective Sergeant Ray Sussex - in season 3 - Ralph Riach
Eliza Langham as WPC Alca Williams - in season 3 - Anne Louise Ross
Frank Gallagher as DC Montgomery
Andrew Conlan as DC Abernethy
Gerard Slethen Doctor Reynolds
John Buick as Detective Constable King - in season 3 - Robert Carlyle

The Director was Hamish Wilson.

Though there has been no more new P Division Code Four One radio programmes broadcast since 1995 the author, Peter Turnbull, has written more crime and detective novels. See more of his work.
Prior to becoming a novelist and radio script writer Peter Turnbull was a social worker in Glasgow. He now lives in Yorkshire.

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