Paul Eddington Biography

The Good Life

Paul Eddington was a British actor best loved and still remembered for his role in The Good Life where he played neighbour Jerry Leadbetter married to Margo who was played by actress Penelope Keith. Their on screen neighbours Tom Good (Richard Briers) and Barbara Good (Felicity Kendal) gave up work to become self sufficient and live off their land and live stock. It ran to 28 episodes (4 seasons) and a Christmas special and a special Royal Command Performance from 1975 - 1978.

Yes Minister

Another popular role, for which he was awarded the Commander of the order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1987 by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who loved his portrayal of a Government Minister of Parliament, was Yes Minister. The programme was so successful that it became a sequel entitled Yes Prime Minister.

James Hacker MP

His character was James Hacker MP and it centred round his ministerial office, then 10 Downing Street. Fellow actors were Sir Nigel Hawthorne (as Sir Humphrey Appleby) and Derek Fowlds (as Bernard Woolley). It ran to 38 episodes and a Christmas special from 1980 - 1987. There were 3 seasons of Yes Minister and 2 seasons of Yes Prime Minister.

Bio Of Paul Eddington

Paul Eddington was born on the 18th of June 1927 in London, England.

He started acting during the Second World War win 1941 when he was part of Entertainers' National Service Association (ENSA).

After leaving the UK armed forces he worked on the repertory stage in Sheffield and Ipswich.

TV Roles Of Paul Eddington

His television career started in 1956 with parts in the TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, Maigret, Dixon of Dock Green, Top Secret, Z Cars, The Avengers, Out Of This World, Danger Man, Crane, The Champions, The Prisoner, Doomwatch, Catweazle, Minder, Frontier, Fall Of Eagles, Special Branch, The Camomile Lawn, The Benny Hill Show and Van Der Valk.

Film Roles Of Paul Eddington

Film roles soon followed which included The Man Who Was Nobody (as Franz Reuter), Baxter! (as Mr Rawling), The Amazing Mr. Blunden (as the Vicar) and Sins with Our Permission (as Harry Dudley).

In 1992 Paul Eddington was awarded the London Critics Circle Theatre Award for Best Actor for his performance in No Man's Land.

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Books By Paul Eddington

In 1995 Paul Eddington published his autobiography which was called So Far, So Good. Richard Briers wrote the foreward. Click here to buy it with free delivery available.

Face To Face Interview With Paul Eddington

His last performance was as the voice of Badger in The Adventures of Mole in 1995 though a week before he died he was interviewed by Jeremy Issacs for the Face to Face TV series. This moving interview saw Paul Eddington discuss his cancer and his life, he ended by saying he'd like to be remembered by the words "He did very little harm".

Death Of Paul Eddington

Paul Eddington died of T-cell lymphoma (skin cancer) on the 4th November 1995. He was survived by his wife, Patricia Scott, and their four children Dominic, Gemma, Hugo and Toby.

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