Michael Barrymore

Biography for actor, comic and presenter Michael Barrymore with his TV and theatre appearances:

Michael Barrymore was born on the 4 May 1952 in Bermondsey, London, England in the UK. His birth real name was Michael Kieron Parker. He left full time education at the age of 15 years to work in Butlins holiday camps as a Red Coat.

TV Appearances of Michael Barrymore

Michael Barrymore's first television appearance was on the TV show New Faces, which he won. This gave him his big TV break and lead to work in the theatre and work as a warm-up comedian for television shows. Small parts in TV programmes like Now Who Do You Do?, Seaside Special, Cabaret Showtime and Starburst soon followed. These then led to regular appearances on the Russ Abbot Show - Russ Abbot's Television Madhouse from 1981. Michael's appearances proved so popular with audiences and viewers that he was soon given his own show called The Michael Barrymore Show. Each year he would then appear on the Royal Variety Performances Show in front of the Queen and also a Children's Royal Variety Performance which was attended by her late sister Princess Margaret in 1992.

More television programmes in which he either starred or hosted followed which included Strike It Lucky.

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More television shows and programmes followed including Barrymore, My Kind of People and a revamped Strike It Lucky called Strike It Rich. In the late 1990s Michael had regular Christmas shows called Barrymore Live. Michael even made a cameo appearance as Mr Step in the Spice Girls film called Spiceworld.

Celebrity Coach Trip

Michael Barrymore took part in Celebrity Coach Trip with international tour guide Brendan Sheerin. Celebrity Coach Trip with Michael Barrymore was first broadcast on Monday 10 October 2011 with repeats on More4. Celebrity Coach Trip took the celebrities around Europe, including the French Alps, Cannes and Corsica. Tourist events during Celebrity Coach Trip included beach volleyball, busking as a mime artist and horse riding.

The House That Made Me

Michael Barrymore appeared on The House That Made Me on channel 4 on 16 December 2010. The House That Made Me took Michael Barrymore back to the Bermondsey council estate and re-created his house when he was aged 11 and his father had disappeared. The House That Made Me allowed Michael Barrymore to talk openly about his painful childhood memories. This included being able to talk with old school friends and neighbours as he discussed his emotions, dreams and feelings about his sexuality.

Other stars to appear on the first series of The House That Made Me on Channel4 included Boy George, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Jamelia.

Celebrity Come Dine With Me

Michael Barrymore biography was lengthened after he appeared on a game show special of Celebrity Come Dine With Me on Monday 24 May 2010. The other contestants on Celebrity Come Dine With Me with Michael Barrymore were Anthea Redfern who was a hostess on The Generation Game with Bruce Forsyth, Jenny Powell presenter of ITV Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sharp who presented children's television programmes such as Fun House as well as being a DJ.

There was some celebrity gossip during this Michael Barrymore Celebrity Come Dine With Me edition of this popular Channel 4 programme when Michael Barrymore news announced he had a girlfriend and when asked about his love life said he was bisexual.

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During the show Michael Barrymore jokes and pranks were highly entertaining and really funny. For example after enjoying Pat Sharp's Greek lamb dish Michael decided to do what they do in Greece and smashed the plate - best bone china complete with bones and leftovers! The other diners were not best pleased with the mess but Utter Trivia were in hysterics! He then borrowed a fur coat from Anthea Redfern, smuggling it under his own coat and revelling it to the audience in the taxi home. He then presented it to Jenny Powell the next night as a gift. When showing it to Anthea Redfern it took her a few minutes to dawn that it was her fur jacket and the reactions from both ladies was so funny.

Michael Barrymore jokes continued as he demonstrated how Eton Mess is enjoyed at the officer's mess by rubbing it into the faces and hair of his fellow contestants and throwing it around the home! He also "helped" Anthea Redfern to cook her meal and washed her windows whilst she continued cooking so she locked him out of the house until he promised to behave. Michael Barrymore impressions during Celebrity Come Dine With Me included Bruce Forsyth but sadly not a Michael Barrymore Jedward impression.

And his behaviour was good and serious when his guests came to the Michael Barrymore mansion house complete with servants and staff such as a butler, chef and waiters. Michael Barrymore's dog, Dave, a terrier, got frisky with Jenny Powell though!

Michael Barrymore's menu for Celebrity Come Dine With Me was a fresh grapefruit crème de menthe as a starter. Michael Barrymore enjoyed a non alcoholic cordial since he is now tee-total. For the main Michael cooked a delicious looking Chateaubriand steak and for pudding he cooked a crème brule which Michael Barrymore called a meranglio of the tutti fruitti.

The winner of this edition of Celebrity Come Dine With Me was Michael Barrymore - well deserved for the entertainment and tasty looking food. In second place was Anthea Redfern, third place was Jenny Powell with Pat Sharp in fourth place.

Michael Barrymore Autobiography

In October 2006 Michael Barrymore published his autobiography called Awight Now: Setting the Record Straight.
In his autobiography Michael talks frankly about his life and troubles like his alcoholic father, his own alcoholism and drug addiction and his sexuality. He writes about his despair after Stuart Lubbock's death and his fall from celebrity status. The book also charts his highs and he speaks joyfully of his favourite shows and performances.
The publishers of Awight Now: Setting the Record Straight were Simon & Schuster Ltd and the ISBNs are ISBN-10: 0743295544 ISBN-13: 978-0743295543 Buy It Now.

My Kind of People

It was the show My Kind of People that won the hearts of the people in England, Scotland and Wales. Michael would tour the UK and set up a stage in shopping centres and malls where everyday folk could go onto the stage and give a turn of singing, dancing, juggling, telling jokes and all variety of entertainment. My Kind of People was so popular and at one time over 13 million people tuned in to watch the TV show. It ran for 6 years and there were 50 episodes broadcast. My Kind of People was thought up by Michael and he gave the chance to many a person to perform on the telly and some even shot to fame.

In 1997 the show became My Kind of Music.

Michael Barrymore followed this success with the hilarious series Kids Say The Funniest Things in 1999 and 2000 before moving into comedy drama with the series Bob Martin about a failed gameshow host. A spin off show of Animals Do The Funniest Things aired in 1999.

Michael left the UK for a few years but returned in 2006 to appear as a contestant house mate in Celebrity Big Brother 4. He was voted number one celebrity favourite of CBB4 and was greeted by much cheering by the gathered crowds at his entry and exit of the Big Brother House. He came second, losing out to fake celebrity Chantelle Houghton.

This led to an appearance on the Friday Night project with Justine Lee Collins and Alan Carr on the 3 February 2006.

On the 11 October 2006 Michael appeared on The Sharon Osbourne Show on ITV tea time.

Other TV appearances by Michael Barrymore since his return to the UK include Offside, This Morning, The Wright Stuff, The Late Late Show, The Weakest Link and The Bigger Picture With Graham Norton.

TV Adverts with Michael Barrymore

In the 1990's Michael starred in a series of TV commercial adverts for Daz washing powder.

Awards of Michael Barrymore

London Weekend Television (LWT) signed Michael Barrymore to an exclusive contract and rewarded him with his own show called Barrymore. It was so popular and much loved that he won Top ITV Entertainment Presenter in 1993, 1994 and 1995 at the British Comedy Awards.

He also won the Best Entertainment Show award and in 1994 the Best Entertainment Performance at the 1994 Royal Television Society Awards.

In 1997 Michael Barrymore was awarded the National Television Award for Best Entertainment Presenter

He also won Top Game Show for Strike It Lucky in 1995.

Pantomime Appearances By Michael Barrymore

In 1989 Michael Barrymore made his first pantomime appearance at the Dominion Theatre in London. He played Wishee Washee whilst the boxer Frank Bruno played the Genie in the Lamp in the panto Aladdin.

In 1990 Michael played Buttons in the panto Cinderella at the Bristol Hippodrome.
Theatre Work of Michael Barrymore

In 1998 Michael toured England, Wales and Scotland in a live show called An Evening with Barrymore. It was a sell out throughout the UK and performances regularly ended in a standing ovation.

When Michael moved abroad he toured Australia and New Zealand with a well received stage show called Laid Back. A few years later he toured New Zealand with the Heartland Tour.

In New Zealand Michael appeared as lawyer Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago.

In 2004 Michael became a resident of New Zealand.

When Michael returned to the UK in 2006 his first theatre role was as Ebenezer Scrooge in the Bill Kenwright musical Scrooge where he performed in Aberdeen, Scotland, the Empire Theatre in Sunderland and the London Palladium in autumn and winter leading to Christmas. The show was a huge success and sell out.

Trivia About Michael Barrymore

The points of trivia about Michael Barrymore would make great trivia quiz questions and answers:

Michael Barrymore is 6' 3" (1.91 m).

His mother was Margaret (Maggie) Reilly. He has a sister called Ann and a brother called John.

Michael Barrymore's Wife

Michael Barrymore met Cheryl Cocklin in 1975 during his first stage appearance in a London West End show which he was contracted too after winning the New Faces talent show. Cheryl was a dancer on the same show and they married in 1976. Cheryl helped Michael in his new career as an entertainer and became his manager.

In 1995 Michael separated from Cheryl when he announced on national radio that he was homosexual. They divorced in 1997 and she died on 1 April 2005, aged 56, from lung cancer which was diagnosed 6 weeks earlier. Her wishes were respected that Michael not be told of her illness whilst she was alive and that he not attend her funeral.

In 2002 Cheryl Barrymore published a book about her life with Michael and their parting. It was called Catch a Falling Star

Stuart Lubbock

On the 31 March 2001 Michael Barrymore held a party at his home and a guest, Stuart Lubbock, died. He had allegedly drowned in the swimming pool. Stuart was a butchers supervisor in a meat factory from Essex. Michael's home was searched by the police after this tragedy and drugs were found. Michael received a caution for possession and use of cannabis.

A year later the inquest into the death of Stuart Lubbock reached an open verdict in September 2002. As a result of the media coverage and tabloid exposes Michael's UK career was shattered. His contract with ITV was cancelled and his one man show at London's Wyndham Theatre was cancelled because of poor ticket sales in 1993. His image as a clean family entertainer was in question.

Michael made the decision to emigrate to New Zealand to live with his partner Shaun Davis where he gradually rebuild his entertaining career there and in Australia. In 1994 he had to file for bankruptcy because of unpaid tax debts.

There has been much speculation about the death of Stuart Lubbock and when Michael returned to the UK to appear on CBB in January 2006 the father of Stuart Lubbock, Terry, pursued a private prosecution with the help of lawyer Anthony Bennett. There were six alleged charges and the hearing for their summons was adjourned until after 10 February 2006 to give time for Michael's response.

Terry and Michael met in private in a London hotel on 28 January 2006 and spent two hours talking.

On the 10 February 2006 a Southend District Judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence for the private case to continue.

In November 2006 Terry Lubbock published the book Not Awight: Getting Away with Murder.

The police re-opened the investigation into the death of Stuart Lubbock on the 2 December 2006 and on the 1 March 2007, after complaints by the Lubbock family the Independent Police Complaints Commission announced an investigation into the original police inquiry into Mr Lubbock's death.

In June 2007 a 55-year-old man from London and two men, aged 37 from Lancashire and aged 32 from Staffordshire, were arrested by Essex Police on suspicion of the serious sexual assault of 31 year old Stuart Lubbock from March 2001. Almost 36 hour later Henri Brandman, the lawyer for 55 year old entertainer Michael Barrymore, stated his innocence and that Michael Barrymore has not been charged with any offence and that he was fully co-operating with the police in their enquiries.

On Monday 10 September 2007 returned to the police station to answer bail. He was released without charge because the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) had advised Essex police that no one should be charged over Mr Lubbock's death.

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