Kim Woodburn

Biography of Channel 4 star Kim Woodburn who stars in Hotel GB, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Kim and Aggie Too Posh to Wash and How Clean Is Your House

Kim Woodburn shot to fame in the Channel Four Programmes Too Posh To Wash and How Clean Is Your House with Aggie.

She was born in 1942 in Eastney, near Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK.

Kim and Aggie As a child she was fascinated by her grandmother who cleaned for a living. Her grandmother taught her how to clean and scrub to make clothes, houses and the school she cleaned at gleam.

Kim Woodburn Biography

She left school at 15 and her first job was to iron clothes for a top fashion shop and to help in the window displays.

She left this job to move to Liverpool where she gained employment as a live in cleaner.

In 1979 she married Peter Woodburn who was a policeman.

Unbeaten: The Story of My Brutal Childhood

Read the full Kim Woodburn biography in her book Unbeaten: The Story of My Brutal Childhood where she talks openly about her childhood life and events which includes details of the abuse she suffered from her mother, father, nuns and first husband. Unbeaten: The Story of My Brutal Childhood sees she describe her eventful life with her loved ones such as her second husband Peter and her grief over losing her baby who was born stillbirth and premature.

The real name of Kim Woodburn is Patricia Mary McKenzie and her childhood nickname was Little Pat. She renamed herself after the Hollywood actress Kim Novak.

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She appeared on Celebrity Deal Or No Deal in 2013 with a red box where Gok Wan was playing for his charity.

Celebrity Come Dine With Me

Appearing in Celebrity Come Dine With Me was added to the Kim Woodburn biography on the14 March 2010. Also appearing was singer Darren Day, actress Claire Sweeney, presenter and comic Tom O'Connor.

She was hilarious on the first night when she got drunk on vodka at Claire Sweeney's house and started telling toilet jokes for entertainment. She sobered up for meals at the homes of Tom O'Connor and Daren Day. She cooked Irish soup as a starter, chicken on a bed of broccoli with curry lemon sauce and English trifle as a dessert. She came third, Darren Day was fourth, Claire Sweeney was second and Tom O Connor was the winner.

Hotel GB

In October 2012 she appeared on Hotel GB on Channel 4 as the head of housekeeping. The reality TV programme took a group of unemployed people and trained them using the talents of celebs. Each of the group were rewarded with jobs in the hospitality industry. Other celebrities working on Hotel GB included Katy Piper in the spa, Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, Dr Christian Jessen in the gym, Mary Portas in reception, Kirstie Allsop as hospitality, Hilary Devey in retail, Gok Wan in the bar and Phil Spencer in the dining room. Hotel GB was hosted by Paddy McGuiness. Memorable moments in Hotel GB was her naughtily squatting over Doctor Christian Jessen as he did sit ups to reach Kim Woodburn’s breasts!

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

She appeared in series 9 of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here on ITV1 and ITV2 during November 2009. The question was asked - will she choose her favourite cleaning fluffy gloves as her luxury item and will she be the winner? Of course thinks Uttertrivia! She was joined by professional ballroom dancer, model, performer, entertainer and Strictly Come Dancing star Camilla Dallerup, Scottish interior designers and couple Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan of How Not To Decorate and Colin and Justin On The Estate. Utter Trivia think that Colin and Justin may be the first couple to appear in the jungle. Other stars and celebrities joining her included rhythm and blue singer and Mis-Teeq group member Sabrina Washington, English professional snooker player Jimmy White, actress Lucy Benjamin who played Lisa in Eastenders and appeared in many television shows such as Casualty, The Bill, Kingdom, Missing, Not Alone and Doctors.

Also appearing were Hollyoaks and Holby City star Stuart Manning, Italian chef Gino D'Acampo who is a regular Ready Steady Cook and Saturday Cooks on ITV, The Sun page 3 model and pop singer Sam Fox (Samantha Fox also appeared in another celebrity TV reality show called Wife Swap with her new husband Freddie Starr. Their couples who swapped were Freddy Star's wife Donna and Sam Fox's partner and manager Myra Stratton).

Joining the ten stars is Hollywood actor George Hamilton who has appeared in hundreds of films and shows ranging from Dynasty, The Godfather Part Three, Columbo, Police Story, Doc Hollywood, Hart to Hart, Pets, Crocodile Dundee In New York and Pushing Daisies.

She couldn't wait to get stuck into the bush tucker trials and meet Ant and Dec and was the first celeb to arrive in Australia.

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It raised money for the charity Malaria No More.

She was dropped off in the jungle with George Hamilton and they made their way to base camp on foot whilst the younger contestants were parachuted in or made their way on horse back.

She made her mark by getting her legs out, straightening her hair and starting to clean the toilet and objecting to have to re-use towels. She spent the night with her new camp husband, George Hamilton, in the caravan cabin where the others joked about them being like a husband and wife team.

The bush tucker trial turned out to be an underwater glass perspex box which Ant and Dec nicknamed the Tomb. She had to lie in it whilst all sorts of creepy crawlies were added. These included cockroaches and crayfish. They crawled all over her legs, bottom, bossoms, mouth, ears, hair and other intimate parts of her body. After the event she had to strip down to her pants and bra and get help to remove the bugs and shower in the pond because of the smell. She did remarkably well though and collected all eleven gold balls. Each golden ball contained one star which was swapped for one meal, meaning that from this bush tucker trial she earned a meal for each contestant. They were excused the next bush tucker trial on health grounds. Viewers voted for Katie Price aka Jordan to perform this.

In the next episode the males kept themselves amused by talking about Kim Woodburn's breasts and comparing them to Sam Fox and Jordan! Then the lads moved on to talk about farts and burps!

Poor Jordan had to perform the next day's bush tucker trial in front of all the contestants. Sadly Camilla Dallerup had to leave due to ill health. A new contestant arrived. This was Joe Bugner, the former heavy weight boxing champion. She kept the contestants amused with the sounds of her snoring!

On Thursday they were split into two teams and had to compete a challenge to remain in the comfortable camp. Sadly her team lost and had to make their way to the exile camp which was dirty and rat infested.

They had to perform a bush tucker trial challenge which involved a fishing game. She won this and her prize was to return to base with immunity from the first vote off. Can the Queen of Clean become the Queen of the Jungle and add this to her biography?

There was some hilarious shots of her snoring habits with the others talking about pitying Kim Woodburn's husband Pete!

She had an argument with Joe Bugner when he asked Katie Price (Jordan) to compete in the bush tucker trials for those who did not feel up to performing the challenges and for criticising the cooking of chicken by Sabrina Washington. Katie Price had been voted by the general public to compete in five conseuitive challenges and this forced her to eventually quit.

The previous day Katie and Kim did the eating bush tucker trial where they had to eat disgusting food such as fish eyes, crickets and a cockroach. She managed to eat these though with a lot of retching and almost being sick, which Ant and Dec had a good laugh about! Katie Price (Jordan) had to pass some of the foods to her because she could not chew them due to her teeth which utter trivia think may be veneers. This challenge still had its funny moments, especially when she lunged at Ant with an empty open mouth after finishing each mouthful of tucker. The humour continued when footage of talking to her underwear, pants, bra and even the toilet with her favourite catchphrase of My Dear!

She operated a crane when she took part in the next Bushtucker Trial with Joe who was on the end of the crane being lowered into pits of black headed python snakes to retrieve stars. Proving that she is unbeaten they retrieved nine stars despite the weight of the crane handles being too heavy.

The vote offs started and the first person to leave I'm a Celeb 2009 was Lucy Benjamin.

The following day they wanted their luxury items back. Her luxury item was hair conditioner whilst Gino D'Acampo yearned for his pillow so decided to use Kim Woodburn's bosoms!

Colin McAllister was the second celeb to leave and the next was Sam Fox. She and Joe then had to complete a drinking challenge at the Jungle Arms Pub where drinks included pulped cockroaches and meal worms, pulped crocodile foreskin with a croc penis as a garnish, pulped kangaroo anus and liquidised witchety grub. They met the challenge and won all the meals and chocolate as a bonus.

Joe Bugner was then voted off and George Hamilton asked to leave to spend time with his girlfriend and family. They bade him a sad and tearful farewell, especially Kim as George can almost become her jungle husband.

Viewers were treated to images of Kim Woodburn naked in the rock pool having a wash, though her breasts and naughty bits were screened off with stars on the TV!

There were more tears the following day when the celebs had letters read out from home. Kimmies letters were from Daisy her cat and husband Peter. She was weighed and the scales showed that her weight had dropped by 1.5 stones - time to be a model once more!

The voting continued and as Sabrina Washington left she became the last female in the jungle and made it through to the final three with Jimmy White and Gino D'Acampo. She was not to add Queen of the Jungle to her bio sadly but came a respectable second. Her final challenge was for perspex boxes to be attached to her containing beasties such as nipping and biting giant spiders, green ants and cockroaches. Ant and Dec had more fun at her expense when some of the insects attached themselves to her nipples. The winner was Gino D'Acampo.

Her other jobs before her TV success were varied and included working as a beautician, in a toy factory, as a social worker and as a model for the Littlewoods catalogue. She has also set up a handmade knitwear company for the fuller figured and taller lady. She appeared on Pebble Mill At One, with Jeff Banks, in 1983 where she modelled her range. This was her first television appearance.

Kim Woodburn She and her husband Peter moved to America. Peter gave up being a policeman so that they could be together and they had a successful business keeping and cleaning house for rich and often famous Americans.

One of their clients had a house in the UK and they moved back to Kent to look after this holiday home.

KimWoodburn On the 30 August Kim Woodburn and Aggie Mackenzie did a TV special called When Kim And Aggie Went To Hospital. They went behind the scenes at Ealing Hospital in West London to look into the hospital's standard of hygiene.

In 2007 the Kleeneze cleaning products company are the sponsors of How Clean Is Your House. The cleaners use the Kleeneze cleaning products.

£1 million was spent on this brand awareness sponsorship.

On the 16 February 2007 she appeared as a guest on the Friday Night Project with Alan Carr and Justin lee Collins. She was a panellist answering questions about the actress Ashley Jensen (The Extras, Ugly Betty) but was too shocked by the rude comments of naughty Alan Carr and his teasing about white wine vinegar for removing stains.

They are nicknamed the Queens of Clean.

Sadly Channel 4 announced the end of How Clean Is Your House in 2009, just after the new series aired. Channel4 also announce that Wife Swap would no longer be made and that Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother would all end in 2010.

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Cinderella Pantomime

Over Christmas 2007 Kim Woodburn and Aggie Mackenzie starred as the panto dames the Ugly Sisters in the Cinderella pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Brighton.

During The Friday Night Christmas Project with Davina McCall on channel 4 at 9pm they demonstrated the holiday prize to the gameshow contestant.

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