How To Play Bingo Online On My Computer

Join a 600,000 Strong Online Bingo Hall Today! Play Bingo today and you'll make friends and be in the running for a life-changing Bingo Jackpot worth up to £50,000!

As a user you can expect great value for money, there are not many places where you can win a life-changing jackpot from only 10p!

Bingo offers and our favourite bingo websites can be found at our other website www.borntoloaf.co.uk which includes a free £10 bingo credit with no credit card details needed and the opportunity to still win cash prizes and bingo sites with games from only 1 pence and jackpots up to £57,000.

How To Play Bingo Online On My Computer

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Guide to bingo abbreviations, word and phrases.

History of Bingo.

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Thousands of people have made new friends and found a way to relieve boredom during the day with buzzing Bingo chat rooms. For added peace of mind, sites employs professional chat moderators who ensure that the chat rooms are warm, welcoming and friendly. For some players Bingo has become an important social event in the day, these lucky individuals have made many of their online friends via the Bingo community.

But if you don't want to chat, you don't have to; you can easily remain anonymous in a Bingo Room because with user friendly interface, you are in complete control. The Bingo rooms are active by lunch time and as lively as a busy pub in the evening. You will find anywhere between 50 and 200 people having a good laugh chatting whilst playing for big jackpots.

"I love playing the Bingo because you can chat with all your friends whilst also keeping one eye on the progressive Jackpot totals" - Karen C recently won £20k

Secure Bingo Website

Sites uses 40-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption therefore protecting all your personal details and money transactions, this is the same security used by online banks. Most processes player winnings within 48 hours so if you win a life changing jackpot you will receive it quickly and hassle free.

Online Bingo Rooms

Some have developed 3 ground breaking Bingo rooms to suit your mood and/or budget.

1. Bingo 20 - Friends, fun and life enhancing Jackpot prizes.

2. Bingo 100 - More Bingo cards, more money to be won, more fun.

3. Bingo Gold - Play for the world's biggest online Bingo Jackpots.

"It feels wonderful, I've never had any money in my life - this is incredible" - Deb H recently won £48k on Bingo Gold.

* Sign up bonus - new players can double their chances of winning for free.

* Bingo's mini games - how to have fun in between Bingo games.

* First time player - a quick summary of how to join and what to expect upon your first visit.

* Bingo Lingo - Abbreviations and terms that people use whilst playing Online Bingo - this is great fun!

10 Pence Bingo Cards

Bingo 20: For only 10p a card this game offers great value for money, you can buy a maximum of 20 cards a game which actually improves your chances of winning on a modest budget. The average game Jackpot is usually between £40 and £80 so you would win between 400 and 800 times your stake. The Bingo 20 progressive jackpot is normally won once a day at around the £1,292 mark so if you're the lucky one, this is enough money to book a holiday, go shopping, pamper yourself, treat your friends and family or do something special with.

* Buy 2 cards and get 1 free: This offer lasts all day on Bingo 20 and taking advantage of it will increase your odds of winning. Bingo statisticians have shown us that the more Bingo cards you have in a game, the more likely you are to win which is why we recommend that you buy 2 cards a game rather than 1.

Buy 2 or 4 cards a game until the progressive jackpot is ready to blow (around £1,000), then raise your game to between 10 and 20 cards to improve your chances of winning the big Jackpot. This strategy is a great way of pacing yourself to ensure that you keep up with the best.

100 Bingo Cards

Bingo 100: The difference between Bingo 100 and Bingo 20 is that you can purchase 80 more cards in a game than you can with Bingo 20 which is really cool if you are the kind of player who wants to experience the thrill of playing for bigger jackpots. You can expect the Bingo 100 Game Jackpot to be between £40 and £300 during peak hours, meaning that you can win up to 3,000 times your stake from a 10p card. The Bingo 100 Progressive Jackpot tends to be won at around the £2,547 mark but it has been known to go for as much as £9,000 on the odd occasion. Imagine what you could do with that kind of money? Book a luxury holiday, go on a serious shopping spree, pamper yourself something rotten, treat your friends and family to a special treat and countless other opportunities.... sigh....

* £30k Super Jackpot: The £30k Super Jackpot game runs on Fridays between 7 and 8pm.

* £2k Super Jackpot: The £2k super jackpot game runs twice a day. Game 1 runs between 1 and 2pm and game 2 is played between 7 and 8pm.

There are no special ticket requirements to enter the Super Jackpot games, simply buy your bingo cards as normal and you will gain free entry into the Super Jackpot game. The only requirement is that you are playing within the Super Jackpot hours.

* Buy 2 cards get 1 free: Same as with Bingo 20 except that the 2 plus 1 deal is off during Super Jackpot hours.

Playing Bingo 100 with a maximum card buying strategy per game can burn through your budget quickly, so if you are playing to win the big progressive Jackpot on a modest sum or you want your session to last the distance, you should consider adopting the following strategy: Buy 10 to 20 cards per game until the Progressive Jackpot reaches the £2,000 mark, then raise the bar and buy as many cards as you can per game.

Big Bingo Jackpots

Bingo Gold: This game has been built for Bingo players who want to win the biggest Bingo Jackpots on the web (no joke) - if you find any bigger Online Bingo Jackpots, please tell them about them immediately, they looked far and wide and couldn't find any. Bingo Gold costs 25p a card, which is what you would expect to pay at most other online Bingo sites for a normal Bingo game so this is a very good deal. However, in a bid to keep the game fair for all taking part, there is a minimum buy in of 4 cards per game, but you can win 1,000 times your stake. This room is not for the faint hearted because when the Progressive Jackpot reaches the threshold of £18,000; don't be surprised to see the Game Jackpots rising over the £1,000 mark. The maximum number of cards you can buy is 100 which is a useful card cap ensuring an even playing field for all players. The Progressive Jackpot tends to be won at around the jaw dropping £18,253 mark so it makes sense to start playing big from the £15k mark. with that kind of money, the world is your Oyster (well almost) - but you could certainly start touring fancy showrooms for your new Car, Kitchen, Bathroom, Central heating system, double glazing or even start planning the holiday cruise of a life-time....... and then some.

* Buy 2 cards and get 1 free: This offer lasts all day on Bingo Gold and taking advantage of it will increase your odds of winning. Bingo statisticians have shown us that the more Bingo cards you have in a game, the more likely you are to win.

A strategy worth considering when playing Bingo Gold is to buy 10 - 20 cards a game until the Progressive Jackpot reaches the £15k mark, then hold on tight and go for your life.

Matched Bingo Sign Up Bonus

Sign Up Bonus: most will match your first deposit up to the value of £100. The way it works is that if you deposit £20 for the first time, they will add an additional £20 for free to your account so that you have a total of £40 to play with which is a generous incentive designed to encourage you to try Online Bingo. There are wagering conditions associated with the bonus that are primarily designed to ensure that you double your chances of winning at no additional risk. However, the bonus rules mean that you can't withdraw your free £20 bonus straight away; you have to play a bit first. These measures are there to protect the community from people who have no real intention of joining an Online Bingo Club. You can opt out of the sign up bonus if you want to, but keep in mind that it is a first time deposit only offer, so once you have visited and are thinking about playing Online Bingo you might as well make the most of it.

Mini Bingo Games

Bingo Mini Games: Some have introduced mini games into their Bingo console, this feature is awesome and unique because it is a great way to pass the time in between Bingo games. No one else has managed to feature non downloadable games of such a high quality within the actual Bingo console. In case you haven't experienced it, some Online Bingo sites feature games that open up in a new window which is a right pain, because you can easily get confused and miss the start of the next Bingo game, so thank you to those for being so considerate.

The games you can play in the Bingo console include Multi line slots and Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines (Slot Machines are very similar to Fruit Machines, but they feature much bigger jackpots and have been designed in a glitzy Las Vegas style). You can also play Video Poker, Blackjack, Hi-Lo and many more.....

Advice For First Time Bingo Players

Here is an action plan for people looking to join to play Bingo for the first time:

* Before you access any of the games, first you need to register. Most protects its community by providing a "log in to play" procedure allowing chat moderators to prevent rogue players from harassing players. Visit the registration page. Simply follow the instructions until the sign up process is complete.

* You may want to check out the Bingo Rooms for free before playing for real. You can do this by clicking on the "Play for Fun" button at the bottom of the first registration page

* You will then be directed to the home page and will find a list of games to choose from. You will see 3 Bingo games listed in the top left hand part of the screen under the Bingo category (Bingo 20, Bingo 100 and Bingo Gold). Now click on the Bingo game that interests you the most and hold on tight.

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