Make A Halloween Jack O' Lantern From An Orange

Step by step instructions on how to make a Halloween Jack O' Lantern using an orange

Pumkin Carving A cheaper option to make a Halloween Jack O' Lantern is to use an orange, rather than a pumpkin. Click on the photograph of the lantern on the left to buy a carving kit to make it easier. It will take less room and looks a lot less scarier to a child. Children should have adult supervision when making the lantern and take care in carving and cutting the orange and lighting the candle.

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Items Needed

One large orange
Sharp scissors and knife
Small candle or a night light candle

How To Make The Jack O' Lantern Using An Orange

Cut the orange into two pieces making sure that the top piece, which will form the head of the lantern, is larger than the bottom piece.

Scoop out the inside of the orange into a plate or bowl. Set aside to eat or make into orange juice.

Cut a hole of about 1cm diameter into the top of the head piece. This will allow the candle flame smoke to escape.

Now cut out and shape the eyes, nose and top teeth to form the face of the Jack o' Lantern.

On the bottom half of the orange cut out and form the lower teeth. This will be easier if you just form a smooth arc of a lip rather than jagged teeth.

Place the night light candle onto the bottom half of the orange and light the candle. Carefully place the top half of the orange back onto the Jack o' Lantern.

Have fun! Turn off the lights and see how friendly or scary your Jack o' Lantern looks in the dark!

Do not leave the lit candle unsupervised and have a fun Halloween night.

Halloween Trivia - includes the story of who Jack O' Lantern was and why he wanders the earth with his lantern.

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