Why Is Alcohol Called Grog?

Grog comes from the nickname of British Admiral Edward Vernon. He got this nickname because he would wear a grogam which was a mohair and silk coat. Admiral Edward Vernon passed the policy that within the Royal Navy the rum ration given to sailors would be mixed with water to help it go further and to stop sailors getting drunk. It became known as grog.

Grog Tub

The dram of rum was usually added to each sailor's water supply, though sometimes it would be added to the water barrel, called the grog tub, along with the juice of limes to help prevent scurvy.

Another reason that rum was added to the water supply was to give it some taste, other than the bitterness that was common in the ships water. Some ships added sugar cane to make the supply a bit sweeter.

Grog was important on board the ship to help give each sailor a morale boost and to steady their nerves.

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