Flush Drains

Flush your drains, kitchen and bathroom sinks and bath each month with this easy to make solution to help keep them clear.

To help prevent a drain, sink or bath from becoming blocked and to prevent any smells it is worth giving them a flush every few weeks. There are solutions you can buy in the supermarket or a local DIY shop, but an effective flushing solution can be made easily at home from the contents in your kitchen cupboard.

Drain And Sink Flush Solution

You will need:
  • Bicarbonate of Soda
  • White Vinegar

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How To Stop Sinks From Blocking

Pour about 50mls of the bicarbonate of soda down the kitchen or bathroom sink or the bath plug hole. Now add 50mls of the white vinegar. The solution will fizz up. It is harmless and great fun to watch, children will love to see both the chemicals interact. Don't add any water or turn on the taps for at least 30 minutes. After this time any remaining solution can be dissolved by turning on the taps.

Doing this every few weeks should help to keep the pipes and drains clear, unclog any debris, remove unpleasant odours and flush your drains.

Do try not to allow hair or grease to go down the sink or bathplug. Grease from cooking can be poured into a tub once it has cooled and collected over time. Once it is full and set the tub can be removed and the set grease and lard will make a lovely treat for wild birds on the bird table. Alternatively hot grease or lard can be poured onto a piece of bread and given to the birds once cooled.

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