Other Names for Father Christmas

Santa Claus is called by many other names in other Countries - read our comprehensive list of each name Father Christmas is otherwise known as:

Running Santa In most English speaking Countries such as the UK, USA and Canada Father Christmas is known as Santa or Santa Claus this has been taken from the Dutch words Sinter Klaas, commonly used throughout Holland. It is thought to have originated in America in the 1820s. Though some Americas call Santa Kris Kringle.

In Countries such as Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland he is also known as Saint Nicholas or St Nic.

In the Netherlands, he is known as Kerstman or Sinter Klaas.

In Finland, Santa is called Joulupukki.

In Norway the other names of Father Christmas are Julenissen or the Christmas Gnome.

The French call him Pere Noel.

Xmas Santa
In Germany he is called Kris Kringle, Christindl or Christkindl which mean the Christ Child. Sankt Niklaus translates as Saint Nicholas and Father Der Weihnachtsmann as Father Christmas.

In Spain Santa is known as el Niņo Jesus (Baby Jesus).

In Peru and Brazil he is known as Papa Noel or Papai Noel.

In Italy he is called Babbo Natale or sometimes Bobbo Natale.

In Morocco and Liberia Santa Claus is called Black Peter.

In China he is known as Shengdan Laoren.

Father Christmas with Children
In Japan Father Christmas is known as Santa No Ojisan which translates to Uncle Santa.

In Russia, he is known as Ded Moroz which means Grandfather Frost.

In India Father Christmas is not known as Santa but as Baba.

The other name for Father Christmas in Austria is Niklo.

Sing dan lo ian is the other name for Santa in Hong Kong.

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