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Trivia information about the Channel 4 game show Deal Or No Deal hosted by Noel Edmonds:

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Noel Edmonds made a welcome return to television in 2005 with the surprise hit game show Deal Or No Deal. He was approached by the makers of the game show, Endemol, to be the host and originally refused their offer. Noel Edmonds agent, John Miles and the Endemol Chief Executive Peter Bazalgette helped to persuade Noel to host the game show for Channel 4 in the UK and the programme has been a huge hit. They were helped by Adam MacDonald the Commissioning Editor of Channel 4 Daytime and Kevin Lygo the Director of Television for Channel 4. Originally the Deal or no Deal game show should only have run for 66 episodes or shows for an 11 week run. High viewing figures have seen it remains one of the most popular game shows.

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The Deal or No Deal Trivia continues below, in the meantime here is details of a free to play Deal Or No Deal Online Game with free web entry in which you can win cash prizes. It is on our other website www.borntoloaf.co.uk where you can win cash prizes each day for opening the correct red box. There are also runner up prizes.

This page is packed full of information and makes an ideal source for people interested in the show, those looking for questions and answers for a Deal Or No Deal trivia quiz or quizmasters. Make your own question and answer using the trivia below. Or see further below for the uttertrivia Deal Or No Deal Quiz sheet.

The first episode on UK Channel 4 was on Monday 31 October 2005. Since then there has been over 240 episodes spanning three seasons.

The voiceover actress is Alex Lovell. She was Miss Thing in the Timmy Towers Children's TV programme.

Noel Edmonds is the host of the UK Deal Or No Deal programme.

Fans and followers are affectionately called The Red Box Club by Noel Edmonds (an ideal Deal or No Deal trivia question).

Each episode attracts over four million viewers.

The audience are kept entertained by warm up performers, entertainers and comedians. One such comic is stand up comedian Mark Olver.

The table that the contestant sits at is called The Pound Table.

Noel Edmonds nicknamed the stool that contestants sit on the Crazy Chair because of the change in personality contestants undergo when they play Deal or no Deal.

In the show, the host, Noel Edmonds has drawings on his hand. These are Cosmic Ordering signs. Noel uses these as a Cosmic Ordering order basket to make his wishes and dreams come true from this cult belief system. Since talking about Cosmic Ordering he has made the book The Cosmic Ordering Service by Barbel Mohr a best seller.

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Celebrity Deal or No Deal

A spinoff new series of Celebrity Deal or No Deal started on Sunday nights with the first episode on Easter Sunday 8 April 2012. The first celebrity to appear and take the Walk of Wealth was the comic Jimmy Carr. His panel of DOND box openers were stand up comedians. During the episode the banker tried to persuade Jimmy Carr to open the box on the table with a holiday bribe and a bracelet offer for his girlfriend. Jimmy Carr won £750 for his chosen charity which was Helen & Douglas House Hospice.

Other celebrities to appear on Celebrity Deal or no Deal included Alan Carr, JLS, Gok Wan, Jonathan Ross, Joan Collins, Jon Richardson with Sean Lock, Olly Murs, Sarah Millican, Peter Andre, Louis Walsh, Katie Price, McFly and Harry Hill. Noel Edmonds is set to appear as a contestant on what will be the 2000th episode of Deal or no Deal.

Olly Murs is the only contestant to appear twice: once before he was famous and then as a celebrity.

Lucky Hat and Lucky Teabag

Noel Edmonds is a great believer in the game being all about luck. If he feels a contestant needs a bit of extra luck he will bring out the lucky hat for them to feel or try on or a lucky teabag for them to touch and smell to help improve their chances.

First Deal or no Deal 1p Winner

Nick Bain was the first contestant to leave the player's table with 1p. He could have won £9000 but kept turning down the Banker. His wife, Stacy, was not in the audience and when Nick told her that he had only won one pence she did not belief her and Michelle James, the Assistant Producer, whose job is to look after the contestants had to phone her and tell her it was true. Mrs Bain cried at this news. Nick Bain set up the 1p Club and has since welcomed many more members, each of whom has won 1 pence from Deal Or No Deal! They used to joke that they met in a telephone box but had to move to a caravan because they couldn't all fit into the booth! But not all members of the 1p club are losers. Many have gone on to greater things such as the first woman to win 1p Sally Kettle who is now a highly paid motivational trainer. As part of her talks she discusses her experience of DOND and rowing across the Atlantic. She was nicknamed Copper Kettle.

Other Deal or no Deal 1p winners include Trevor Bruce, Dave Ellis, Giorgio Felicini, Connell Gibson and Fadil Osman.

A favourite joke to tell 1p winner is to offer them a penny to double their winnings - they never get tired of hearing these jokes!

Contestant Lucy Harrington appeared in 50 shows before becoming a contestant and only won £5.

Many of the winners have had their lives changed when they won DOND. For example Mally Welburn entered Deal or no Deal to get 3 square meals a day and a roof over his head. He had previously been living in a derelict building and had to borrow money from his daughter to pay for clothes to wear on the show. He won £54,000 and was able to find somewhere to live and invested in publishing his autobiography. Read more about his remarkable life story and time on the show in Mally: The Boy Who Flew Through Windows.

The first biggest UK winner of Deal Or No Deal was Jennifer Miller who won £120,000 on 18 November 2005. However that changed on the 7th January 2007:

Deal or no Deal Winner

The first UK £250000 Deal Or No Deal Winner was Laura Pearce on Sunday 7 January 2007. The banker had offered her £45000 but she said No Deal to reveal the £250000 main prize to be the first Channel 4 winner of the £250000 prize. The 24 year old woman filmed her win in November 2006 with her family in the studio audience.

Laura's last red boxes were for 10 pence, £5000 and £750. The banker's offer of £45000 gave the game away to her! So does this mean that the banker can see inside the DOND boxes? Laura Pearce had spent 22 days on the show.

The following day the first phone call to Noel Edmonds was from the banker's mum saying the banker has locked himself in his room because he lost all his money! Noel persuaded the banker's mother to put the banker on the telephone and Noel switched it to the speaker so that the studio audience and viewers at home could hear him cry! After the banker overcame his crying fit Noel got on with the show to try and get a second £250000 DOND winner, but not before the next contestant, Celtic supporter Craig from Scotland, nicknamed the banker the bankrupt! The bankrupt banker made no cash offers for the first few rounds because he had no money in the bank so after each phone call it was Swap Or No Swap! These three no offer swaps earnt Craig a place in the Hall of Fame. The banker then nicknamed Laura Pearce She We Do Not Name in a poem to Craig. The banker promised he will now become a crueler banker! This proved true when Scotsman Craig went home with £10.

Laura Pearce was the show's 351st contestant and the 13th to pick the £250,000 box at the start. Two of the 13 did make it through to the final round and one accepted a deal of £75,000 rather than risk a £1 prize and the other took a deal of £107,031 with £10,000 in the other box.

The luckiest red box is number 2 where the £250,000 prize has been in the most times.

The contestant with the record number of appearances is Lucy Harringtom who recorded 50 shows. Normally the makers will film 3 shows a day over 5 days a week. Contestants are asked to commit to four weeks of filming. Production takes place at Bristol.

Analysts and Mathematicians have studied it and even The Wall Street Journal featured the game show on their front page on the 12 January 2006. In the book Deal or No Deal: The Official Behind The Scenes Guide it states that a University Professor has calculated that it takes just three episodes to become addicted.

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How To Play Deal Or No Deal

The object of play to Deal Or No Deal gameshow is to beat the banker and collect a large cash prize of up to £250,000. The other prizes are £100,000; £75,000; £50,000; £35,000; £15,000; £10,000; £5,000; £1000; £750; £500; £100; £50; 50 pence; 10 pence; 1 pence.

Each prize money value is contained within one of 22 sealed red boxes in the East Wing and the West Wing.

During rounds the player must avoid five red boxes which are known as The Power Five. These contain the cash values of £35,000, £50,000, £75,000, £100,000 and £250,000.

The gameshow has been described as a game of luck, skill and chance because the contestant (and the audience) does not know if he or she has made the best deal of the programme until the last two boxes have been opened. So each programme is different and unique to those players. Contestants must show nerve, bravado and bravery otherwise the Banker will exploit their weaknesses. It is often described as a challenging and entertaining drama rather than a gameshow.

Who Is The Banker In Deal Or No Deal

For the first three seasons the identity of the Banker has not been revealed. However on the 1st April 2006 in the credits of that programme the Banker's name was given as Richard Oldman - an anagram of Rich Old Man. It was thought that this was included as an April's Fool joke. To date the banker has had no name in the closing credits other than "Himself".

There is a theory that the Banker is the Producer of the Deal Or No Deal show Glenn Hugill. Yet no-one involved in the production knows the true identity of the Banker - though Noel Edmonds says he does.

There have been many conspiracy theories about the identity of the Banker. These include him being Sir Alan Sugar, the businessman and star of The Apprentice and even Simon Cowell the judge on television programs like Pop Idol, The X Factor, American Idol and Britain's Got Talent.

The role of the Banker is to play a psychological game, almost like cat and mouse where he entices the contestant to take up an offer. His sole objective is to box the players red boxes for as little as possible. Players can often gain more money the longer they play the game and refuse the Bankers offers. The Banker will usually increase his cash offers. There are no questions to answer in the UK version, except the one asked by the Banker.

The Banker is a real person though. Contestants get to speak to him in real life and sometimes the host, Noel Edmonds, will hold the microphone to the telephone - just so the viewers can hear the blood curdling evil laugh of the Banker!

The Banker of Deal or no Deal also has an old fashioned black telephone. It does not have a question mark on the dial face, but the words Noel.

He loves poetry and writes poems for the contestants. He will sometimes read a poem to them on the telephone. One contestant, Morris Simpson, matched the poems of the Banker when he spoke in poetry as he opened each box. He was nicknamed Morris the Poet. Morris Simpson is also famed for turning down an offer of £101,000 from the Banker in favour of risking everything for the £250,000 prize.

A few details and clues to the identity of the Banker are given in the book Deal or No Deal: The Official Behind The Scenes Guide which include being born at a birth weight of 12 pounds on the 12 May under the Chinese sign of the Dragon which makes his birth year 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976 or 1988 (assuming he was not born in 2000 and is a child playing a prank!). He is single but has been married and divorced six times.

The Banker has a butler and man servant called Pennyworth. His driver is called Harrison. Before and after the show he likes a massage from his personal masseur Andre.

The Banker does have moments of generosity though such as when a contestant is donating the winnings to charity in which case he doubles the prize money.

Who Invented Deal or No Deal

The Deal Or No Deal gameshow format was developed by the Netherlands company Endemol. They are also the creators of Fear Factor and Big Brother. The original version was called Miljoenenjacht and was hosted by Linda de Mol. The format was soon adopted by Australian TV and they gave birth to the name of the gameshow Deal Or No Deal. The gameshow is now played and televised in over 40 countries. The basic format of the game stays the same but each country has made subtle changes like their being briefcases to open rather than boxes, or less boxes to open.

It is played around the world, here is a list of Deal Or No Deal games in each country:

Argentina - Trato Hecho
Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Pan-Arab States, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States - Deal or No Deal
Belgium - Miljoenenjacht
Brazil - Topa ou Não Topa
Bulgaria - Sdelka ili ne
Canada - Deal or No Deal or Le Banquier
Chile - Trato Hecho
Croatia - Uzmi ili Ostavi
Denmark - Deal No Deal
Finland - Ota tai jätä
France - À prendre ou à laisser
Germany - Die Show der GlücksSpirale
Greece - Deal
Greece - Super Deal
Hungary - Áll az alku
India - Deal Ya No Deal
Italy - Affari Tuoi
Japan - The Deal
Mexico - Vas o No Vas
Netherlands - Miljoenenjacht
Philippines - Kapamilya,
Poland - Grasz czy nie grasz
Russia - Sdelka
Romania - Da sau nu
Slovenia - Vzemi ali pusti
Slovakia - Ruku na to
Republic of Korea - Yes or no
Spain - ¡Allá tú!
Switzerland - Das Risiko
Turkey - Büyük Teklif
United States - Vas o No Vas (Spanish version)

It has developed a language of its own and seen some slang words and phrases and various catchphrases such as the catchphrase:
  • The Walk Of Wealth

  • Play the money, don't play the game

  • Avoid The Power Of Five

  • It's your show

  • Keep It Low, Keep It Blue

  • Risk, reward and timing

  • Beat The Banker

  • Let's take a cruise with the blues

  • Deal or no Deal?

  • I'm calling a break

  • I think you'll be back

  • The right deal, at the right time

  • Walk Of Fame

  • A quarter of a million pounds. 22 identical sealed boxes... and no questions... except one
  • Welcome to the game

  • It's now all or peanuts

  • Don't be seduced by the board

  • We don't want to see one of the big numbers

Deal Or No Deal Application Form

To get an application form to be a contestant on Deal or No Deal contact the endemol team by e-mail at the official website. The contestant application phone line is sometimes closed when the producers have too many applicants to process. At times there have been a backlog of over 80,000 people wanting to appear on Deal Or No Deal.

Then there are regional finals at locations throughout the UK where about 30 people are short listed from the Deal or no Deal application forms. The producers will then choose a range of applicants to become contestanst.

There were 234 contestants in the first series.

Audience Tickets For Deal Or No Deal

Audience tickets to Deal Or No Deal are available from the Channel 4 website or the official site.

It is filmed in Bristol at the Endemol West studio off Bath Road.

Deal or no Deal Hotel

One of the perks of appearing on Deal or no Deal is that you get free hotel accommodation and meals and can take a guest along for free. The producers book twin rooms so that contestants can bring along their wife, husband, mother, father etc to support them in the audience. Many friends are made at the dining room and bar and for many this is the unique experience of DOND.

Facilities at the Deal or no Deal Hotel include a sauna, spa, steam room, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, leisure and health club.

Dinner is served at 4pm for the contestants and crew. The contestants forgo lunch because they have breakfast at the hotel at 10am. The catering van at the studios is by the firm Red Chutney. Their website is www.redchutney.co.uk

Recording usually finishes at 9:30pm and the contestants are bused back to their hotel where they usually meet at the bar - I'm not sure if their bar bill can be included in their expenses!

Noel often involves the guests in the game and talks to them during the filming and when he asks them for their opinion to help the contestant this is known as the sweep.

Contestants and their guests often form close friendships with other contestants and many are invited to family celebrations such as weddings or hold annual reunions. Some have even set up exclusive websites that other contestants can access and talk on the forums.

The staff at the hotel in which Noel Edmonds stays during filming nickname him The Major after the eccentric elderly chap in the TV comedy Fawlty Towers.

A ritual each evening at the Deal or no Deal hotel is for the contestants, young and old, to sing and dance to the Hokey Cokey around the hotel bar and even through the hotel and onto the street. They believe this Hokey Cokey dance will bring them luck.

Other television programmes have been a bit like it in their own ways. These include:

The New Treasure Hunt from the 1970s and 1980s which was hosted by Chuck Barris.

Let's Make A Deal which was a gameshow where contestants had to take up offers that were hidden behind a curtain. It ran from 1963 to 1977 and was hosted by Monty Hall. Contestants on Let's Make A Deal had to wear costumes.

The Bong Game was played during the 1980s on radio by the London station Capital FM.

The programme Deal Or No Deal and UK host Noel Edmonds has been nominated and won several TV awards which include:

Best Daytime Show 2006

It won the 2006 TV Quick and TV Choice Award for Best Daytime Show.

Best Game Show

It won the 2006 Rose D'Or TV Award for Best Game Show

Best Daytime Programme

In 2005 the Royal Television Society Awards awarded it the title of Best Daytime Programme at the 2005 Royal Television Society Awards. This was awarded after the programme had only been broadcast for two months.

BAFTA Best Entertainment Performance Nomination

Noel Edmonds longs for a BAFTA award and deserves one for each of his programmes from Swap Shop, Telly Addicts and Noel's House Party. He was robbed of his BAFTA award for Deal Or No Deal in the 2006 BAFTA awards by Jonathon Ross. Noel was nominated though for the Best Entertainment Performance category and even got to hold the award later at the Jonathon Ross show - next year you will hold your own Noel! Roll on the 2007 BAFTA awards.

Deal Or No Deal Noel Edmonds

The success of Deal Or No Deal in the UK is for the most part down to the charisma and talent of the host Noel Edmonds. His friendly, loveable, happy go lucky nature puts the contestants at ease and makes the audience want to tune into each programme. And we love his shirts!

A sign of popularity in the UK is to be lampooned by the Dead Ringers team for BBC 2 and Rory Bremner for Channel 4 and both comedy teams have poked fun at Noel Edmonds.

Noel Edmonds was born in 1948 in Ilford, Essex. He was an only child to teachers Dudley and Lydia Edmonds. Noel achieved 3 A levels and 10 O levels whilst at Brentwood Public School. He then went to Surrey University to read psychology, philosophy and sociology. During this time Noel developed an interest in the pirate radio ships, some of which were moored by the cost off his native county of Essex. He also worked as a disc jockey in local hospital radio stations. Noel sent audition tapes to Radio Caroline and Radio London. One of these tapes was kept by Radio London disc jockey Tony Windsor after the pirate radio ships were closed in 1967 by the UK Government. Tony Windsor became the Programme Director of Radio Luxembourg the next year and invited Noel Edmonds for an audition and he successfully passed and became a Newsreader in November 1968. This lead to work at Radio 1 and Radio 2 as a competition and programme trailer announcer. When Kenny Everett was off sick with flu in February 1970 Noel Edmunds acted as his stand in and his radio broadcasting career was fully launched.

Noel Edmunds was given his own Saturday afternoon show a few months later. Kenny Everett was fired by the BBC and Noel Edmunds was chosen to replace him full time. It was a hard act to follow because Kenny Everett was so popular and his sacking was seen by the media and the general public as a bad thing. This made things difficult for Noel, especially as he really liked Kenny and treated him as a role model. However Noel was a trooper and was soon popular with his listeners and indeed the management at the BBC. This lead to television appearances on Top Of The Pops in 1971 and even to hosting Come Dancing with Angela Rippon.

Noel soon moved into business and opened his first record shop in the Kings Road, Chelsea.

Back at Radio 1 Noel was moved to the Sunday morning show and this increased his audience figures and led to presenting work at the BBC World Service.

In June 1973 Noel Edmunds took over from Tony Blackburn on the Breakfast Show.

More television work followed and this included Call My Bluff, Seaside Special and the children's series Z Shed. This lead to a show that has fond memories of a happy childhood for many children brought up in the late 1970s and early 1980s - The Multicoloured Swap Shop which was produced by Rosemary Gill and co-presented with Keith Chegwin and Maggy Philbin. The first episode of Swap Shop was broadcast in the Autumn of 1976 and like Deal or No Deal it should only have run for a limited number of episodes. The Multicoloured Swap Shop was contracted for eight episodes but ran for 6 years and 146 episodes until it was sadly taken off the telly in 1982.

During his time at Swap Shop Noel gave up his Breakfast Radio show but did return to the Sunday morning show at Radio 1. He also hosted the Saturday night television show Lucky Numbers. Other Saturday night TV shows followed which included The Late Late Breakfast Show and Time Of Your Life.

Noels Christmas Presents

During the 1980s Noel also started a tradition of appearing on Christmas Day TV. the first of which was broadcast from the Post Office Tower. These were called Noel's Christmas Presents.

In December 2007 Noel Edmonds filmed a new Noels Christmas Presents for digital television. Though Noels Christmas Presents was traditionally broadcast on Xmas Day the new Noels Christmas Presents TV programme was broadcast on Sunday 23 December 2007 the day after Noel Edmonds 59th birthday.

Noels Christmas Presents took deserving families on a magical trip to Lapland. This included children who have lost a parent in the armed forces.

Noels Christmas Presents also took a single mother who is deaf and suffering from cancer and her two sons on a trip to Disneyland and then presented them with a special Disney cartoon drawn by one of the top Disneyland Florida cartoonists.

In his personal life Noel Edmunds enjoyed racing cars, learnt to fly a helicopter and qualified as a pilot.

The TV programme Telly Addicts was launched in 1985 and Noel Edmonds hosting this family quiz show about television. It ran for 13 seasons until 1998

The Saturday Roadshow was first broadcast in 1987 and was broadcast for two years. During this time and for many years Noel Edmunds presented many shows and award programmes for the BBC. In 1991 he returned to Saturday Night telly with the hugely successful Noel's House Party which ran until 1999 and spanned 8 seasons and 167 shows. This highly entertaining programme was set in the fictitious village of Crinkly Bottom and was home to great characters like Mr Blobby. Games within Noel's House Party included Wait Till I Get You Home, Grab A Grand, The Gotcha's, Number Cruncher and The Big Pork Pie. Noel's House Party won the BAFTA Award for the Best Light Entertainment show in recognition of its innovation and broad family appeal. Noel wrote about the fictious village in his book The Official Guide to Crinkley Bottom.

Noel returned to BBC1 - or Aunty as he nicknames the company to present The national Lottery Show - Everyone's a Winner.

Other television appearances of Noel Edmonds include television documentaries like I Love Christmas, Who Killed Saturday Night TV? and The Curse of Noel Edmonds.

Guest TV appearances include Richard and Judy, Loose Women, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, Parkinson, The Terry and Gaby Show, Today with Des and Mel, Top Gear, Faking It, Juke Box Jury, The Royal Variety Performance, Disney Time,

Noel Edmonds was listed in the 2007 edition of Who's Who, the book of famous and prominent people. Noel was 1 of over 1000 new noteworthy and influential people to be listed in the latest edition of Who's Who.

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On the 26th January 2007 Noel Edmonds was the celebrity guest of The Friday Project on Channel 4 with Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr. He read the news and was amazed at the size of Alan's topical barometer and played a game show to win a contestant a holiday.

Blind Man Contestant on Deal Or No Deal

In June 2007 Eric Bedford, a blind man, appeared with his eight year old Golden Labrador dog Finn. They won £27,500 which he shared with the neighbour, Pauline Moreton, who encouraged him to apply for the Deal or no Deal quiz show. Sixty year old Eric Bedford was an RAF pilot before loosing his eye sight in 1990 and was supported on the show by his wife, Sue. They live at Roseisle near Elgin in Scotland.

The first executive producer was Richard Hague and the first series producer was Glenn Hugill.

To understand the game Noel Edmonds practiced playing with Dick de Rijk who was the Dutch creator of the gameshow. For the UK version Noel negotiated that novelties like joke prizes, selection questions and even the half naked dancing girls not be included.

Noel originally had a stool to sit next to the contestant, but he fidgeted too much and would jump on and off and prowl around the studio during the practice games. It was decided that the stool be removed and Noel was left to wander.

New players have the slang name of Newbies. They are looked after by a member of the crew who have the nickname Care Bear.

Noel Edmonds has a photograph taken with each player and so far he has had a thank you letter or card from each contestant.

The very first contestant of Deal or no Deal was Lynn Atherton and her episode was broadcast on the 31 October 2005. She choose not to swap or no swap but said yes to Deal or no Deal and won £14,000. Previous Banker offers included £1700, £900, £2900 and £4300. When her name was called out to play the game a man called Len cried out Yes! and made his way to the Walk of Wealth only to be told by Jim Connolly, the Assistant Producer that Noel had said Lynn!

An independent adjudicator comes to the studio to number each of the 22 boxes. No one else should touch the red boxes, other than two members of staff, such as Mitch Silcock the Art Department Assistant. During the game of contestant, Massimo Dimambro, another contestant called tom accidentally knocked a box to the floor when it caught his belt buckle and each box had to be reset by the independent adjudicator. Massimo Dimambro went on to win £7,400.

Contestant Joe Walvish became ill during filming and was taken to hospital directly from the studio. After he had recovered from his illness he returned to complete his game.

There are special Deal or no Deal games to celebrate special dates such as on St Valentine's Day when the studio is made up to look romantic by being covered in red silk and the red boxes have heart images on them. The contestants and audience get into the spirit of the special event by wearing evening dresses and tuxedos. They also make this special effort when it is Noel Edmond's birthday and enjoy cake.

Three games of Deal or no Deal are filmed each day.

There have been many facts collected over the series such as contestants that wear glasses, are vegetarian and left handed, do not have pets but have tattoos and drink spirits have won bigger cash prizes. If you fit this winner profile then best apply for Deal or no Deal based on this trivia!

In 2007 Comic relief performed a special Deal Or No Deal with Nan, the character of a rude old lady by Catherine Tate on BBC 1. Nan brought Noel Edmonds some Madera cake and a packed lunch of beef sandwiches. As each box of high value was revealed she gave some biting remarks to the other contestants. The Banker phoned and offered her £199 and this was the first time someone had accepted The Bankers first offer - she had previously looked in the box in the desk and it had £50!

Deal Or No Deal Christmas

In December 2007 there were a series of Deal or no Deal Christmas specials which were Scrooge versus Santa where DOND contestants opened a large Advent calendar rather than the famous red boxes. The following week of there was the Christmas Star shows where the DOND contestant played for charities.

Deal Or No Deal ScratchCard

During Autumn 2007 the nationallottery released a scratchcard instant win game based on the Channel4 television gameshow starring Noel Edmonds. The national lottery instant cash win game card has a top prize of up to £100,000. Playing is similar to the much loved TV programme. A player has to scratch off with a coin 14 of the numbered boxes out of the 22 red boxes on the card, then has to pick their lucky box then gets to pick which of the remaining DOND boxes to open. Each DOND red box then reveals a cash amount and has to complete a winning sequence in the prize table to win the cash prize. Though be warned - do be alert for the banker's offers along the way! Each one costs £2 with the overall odds of winning a prize in the Deal Or No Deal scratchcard is 1 in 4.65. It can be purchased at most national lottery outlets such as supermarkets, newsagents, garages and local stores or you can play online at www.national-lottery.co.uk where there is the opportunity to play the Deal Or No Deal scratchcard for free though there is no prizes available, just an opportunity to try out the DOND scratchcard.

Empty Red Deal or no Deal Box

In March 2008 Vicar David Schofield choose a £250,000 box which should have ended his game with a loss but the independent adjudicator had not placed the value into the red box before it was sealed. He was given a second change after the empty red Deal or no Deal box and went on to win £12,500 for his chosen charities. David Schofield joked that it was an act of God. It was the first time that a box rejected by a contestant had been emptied. David Schofield is the vicar at St Luke's Church in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester. He also said that he has a guardian angel who looks over him because he survived cancer and a fall off a mountain whilst on holiday in Australia.

Ad Break Bingo

Ad Break Bingo was introduced during the adverts in 2011 as part of the sponsorship by Jackpotjoy. Ad Break Bingo is a special bingo game played during the commercial breaks with the opportunity to win £250,000. Players of Ad Break Bingo have to log onto the Jackpotjoy website to get their Ad Break Bingo numbers and then try and match the winning numbers that are revealed during the commercials.

Ad Break Bingo

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