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How well do you know the Channel 4 game show Deal Or No Deal - Take our free Deal Or No Deal Quiz or use the DOND questions and answers for your own quizzes:

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Test your knowledge of Deal Or No Deal (DOND) with this free quiz. The answers to the questions are further below.

Deal Or No Deal Questions

1. In which month and year did Deal Or No Deal first appear on Channel 4?

2. Which actress does the voice over for Deal Or No Deal?

3. Who hosts the UK version of Deal Or No Deal?

4. What does the host of DOND call the fans of the game show?

5. What is the contestant table of DOND called?

6. What club did Nick Bain set up?

7. In which City is Deal Or No Deal filmed?

8. Who is The Banker?

9. Which company invented Deal Or No Deal?

10. Name one other show the creators of DOND have made.

11. Complete this catchphrase - Avoid the power of...?

12. From what belief system are the signs on Noel Edmonds hands?

13. Who was the first UK winner of the £250000 Deal Or No Deal top prize?

Before we reveal the answer to each Deal Or No Deal question there is a fun Deal Or No Deal game which can be played at our other website www.borntoloaf.co.uk

Deal Or No Deal Answers

1. 31 October 2005. (award an extra point for the 31st)

2. Alex Lovell.

3. Noel Edmonds.

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4. The Red Box Club.

5. The Pound Table.

6. The 1p Club.

7. Bristol.

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8. This was a trick question - no-one knows!

9. Endemol.

10. Big Brother or Fear Factor.

11. Five.

12. Cosmic Ordering.

13 Donna Pearce.

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