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Where to buy a Danger Mouse T Shirt and a brief history and trivia about the cartoon Danger Mouse and DJ Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse T Shirt Readers of uttertrivia who were a child of the eighties to nineties will recall a spy mouse called Danger Mouse. Nostalgia isnít just a fond look back to oneís childhood - many 80ís culture is making a come back this year. A big example of this is the Steven Spielberg Transformers Movie. One item of retro clothing we love is the Danger Mouse T Shirt which can be seen in the photo to the left. The Danger Mouse T Shirt is 100% cotton and of a dark chocolate colour and is available in a wide range of sizes ranging from small, medium, large and extra large.

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Cartoons from one's childhood capture the memories and are often rewatched or relived with fondness. Wearers of the Danger Mouse T Shirt can have visual proof of their enjoyment and let others know of their love for Dangermouse. It can even lead to conversations with strangers about their favourite cartoon which starred David Jason as the voice of Danger Mouse, Terry Scott as Ernest Penfold, Edward Kelsey as Baron Silas Greenback and Brian Trueman as Stiletto.

There is even a blue close cropped Penfold T Shirt for women which can be seen in the photograph below.

After school cartoons, Saturday mornings and school holidays television was dominated by cartoons in the eighties. These included BananaMan, Top Cat, Thunder Cats, He Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tarzan. Top of the list has to be Danger Mouse though, certainly as far as Utter Trivia are concerned!

Relive your childhood with a Danger Mouse T Shirt. Perhaps by watching the DVD of the first Danger Mouse cartoon that was called The Mystery of the Lost Chord which sees Danger Mouse and Penfold on a mission to Loch Ness in Scotland. Dangermouse and Penfold investigate recent sightings of Nessie and the mysterious disappearance of bagpipes. As a point of trivia Baron Greenback was called Baron Greenteeth in this episode.

Penfold T Shirt Danger Mouse ran from 1981 through to 1992 on BBC1 and is often repeated on BBC2 and satellite and digital television channels such as Nickelodeon.

Danger Mouse was created in England By Cosgrove Hall Productions Limited. At its peak Danger Mouse attracted a fan base of over 6 Million people.

Danger Mouse had a strong emphasise on friendly animals such as his sidekick, Penfold, being a mole and his commander, Colonel K, being a walrus. There was also a hamster and toad.

DJ Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse has lent his name to a popular DJ who recently remixed The Beatles The White Album with Jay-Z The Black album which DJ Danger Mouse called The Grey Album. It was a musical cross of rock, pop and hip hop. The Grey Album was given away free to fans thanks to the internet and helped to increase the popularity of the work of DJ Danger Mouse with each free download. Unfortunately DJ Danger Mouse did not have the rights to use The Beatles music and EMI sued because of the misuse of copyright. This exposed DJ Danger Mouse to the media and attracted attention in the papers, radio and TV news. DJ Danger Mouse did not profit from the album so could not be sued by EMI. It was estimated that about 100,000 downloads of The Grey Album occurred within the first several months. The true identity of DJ Danger Mouse is Mr Brian Burton. He worked on The Grey Album from his small home in Los Angeles, USA using a small mixer, turntable, music software and a computer. This publicity and the results of The Grey Album led to more work for DJ Danger Mouse and he has now worked with Gorrilaz and Gnarls Barkley.

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