How To Easily Clean An Oven

Tips to clean your oven the easy way with little work involved:

For non self cleaning conventional ovens the easiest way to remove baked on deposits of food and debris is to place a glass bowl with a half cup of full strength ammonia into the oven. Never use a metal tray or plastic bowl to place the ammonia in as the chemicals will react and ruin the tray or bowl.

Please do ensure that the oven is cold before doing this.

Close the oven door and leave overnight.

The ammonia fumes will help to loosen the encrusted food and stains from the oven.

In the morning open the door and wait for the ammonia fumes to lessen. You may want to open a window.

Remove the bowl, discard any left over ammonia and wash out the bowl thoroughly.

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Use a wet cloth to wipe the oven interior. Any food deposits that hasn't dropped off overnight should be easily wiped off. The remaining oven interior can now be wiped down with a cloth and warm soapy water.

Alternatively you can buy branded oven cleaners which you simply spray onto the interior of your oven door and walls and leave overnight. You can also spray the solution onto the oven trays and shelves. Most remove food stains and grease overnight and you simply wash off the remaining foam in the morning.

Whichever method you use please do wear gloves to reduce the incidence of skin reaction and to protect your hands. Do use in a ventilated kitchen as some people can suffer a reaction to fumes. Please do seek medical advice if you suffer any adverse reactions such as irritated nose, eyes or mouth or coughing.

Once your oven is clean and sparkling you may want to line the bottom with kitchen foil or place an old baking tray lined in kitchen foil on the bottom. When this gets dirty, greasy and stained you simply remove the kitchen foil and discard and replace the foil to keep your oven clean and tidy.

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