Why Do We Eat Turkey On Christmas Day?

Traditional Christmas Lunch and Dinner

For Centuries it was traditional for UK families to eat goose or the head of a boar. However this changed in the 16th Century when the turkey bird was introduced to England.

The History Of How Turkey Came To The UK

Trader William Strickland imported six turkey birds into England in 1526 from the United States of America (USA) though some sources say Spain.

He sold them for tuppence each in Bristol.

Stuff the Turkey: How to Survive Christmas with Your Family

They soon became so popular because of their new unique taste and their succulent flavour that more were imported and bred.

As the years passed it soon became so popular that it became the traditional English Christmas Meal dish, served with stuffing, cranberry sauce and bread sauce along with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, brussel sprouts, peas and parsnips.

Cartoon Turkey

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Turkey Trivia

Here is a selection of turkey trivia:
The Aztecs still use turkey feathers in their longbow arrows and in olden days they would have used turkey feathers in their headdress.

Turkeys were first introduced into the USA as a pest control method. The turkeys would eat the worms amongst tobacco plants. Once the tobacco was harvested the farmers had no need for the turkeys so they would be killed and eaten at the Thanksgiving celebrations.

Traditional Christmas Lunch

A thanksgiving tradition that dates back to the times of American President Abraham Lincoln is that the current President of the United States of America is that one turkey is pardoned and gets to live out its natural life on a farm in Virginia. This dates back to when the son of Abraham Lincoln, Tad Lincoln, asked his father not to kill his pet turkey.

When turkeys were introduced to Britain King George II liked them so much that he kept 3000 in Richmond Park. He liked the taste of them and also enjoyed seeing the turkeys. The turkeys were removed when King George III ascended to the throne.

There are two rare breeds of turkey native to Scotland. They are the Scots Dumpy and the Scots Grey.

Lemon and Thyme Stuffing Recipe

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