Christmas Trivia Questions And Xmas Answers

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Advent Trivia

Advent Calendar Competitions

The history and origins of Christmas stockings

Wise Men Gifts Meanings

Why We Celebrate Boxing Day

The history of Mince Pies

When The Christmas Decorations and Trees Be Taken Down

The origins and the inventor of Christmas Crackers

How To Earn Extra Money From Home This Christmas

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The First Christmas Card and who invented Christmas Cards

Stir Up Sunday

Christmas Tree History

Tinsel History

Father Christmas Reindeer Names

The Customs, History and Superstitions of Kissing Under The Mistletoe

Christmas Recipes

How to make Coconut Ice Snowmen

Low Calorie Christmas Pudding Recipe

The Other Names of Santa

Christmas Bingo - claim a free no obligation £50 worth of Christmas bingo games to win cash prizes.

Why The Robin Red Breast Became A Christmas Bird

Why Do We Eat Turkey On Christmas Day

The History, Customs and Traditions of Pantomime

Who Was The Real Santa Claus and how hanging Christmas stockings became a tradition.

Christmas Birthdays

Why Father Christmas' suit and costume is red

Queen's Christmas Speech

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Three Kings Names

Mincemeat Tart

Chocolate Log

Mulled Wine Recipe and History

Meringue Snowmen


Plum Pudding Recipe

Christmas Biscuit Recipe

Chocolate and Cranberry Tart Recipe

Free Adult Christmas Game

In addition to the above links taking you to Christmas articles below Utter Trivia have provided some Christmas Trivia questions and answers or general knowledge.

A Danish Christmas tradition is to leave a bowl of rice in the attic for the pixies. Though Utter Trivia wonder is this Christmas trivia may encourage vermin such as rats, mice or squirrels to the loft. Might be better to buy some Christmas pixie ornaments instead!

The Guinness World Records 2012 records the fastest time to dress Santa Claus as 1 minute and 30 seconds during the 17 December 2010 This Morning ITV programme. Presenter Philip Schofield and comedian Alan Carr competed to dress a Santa model with Philip wining.

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