Christmas Bingo Games

Where to play bingo at Christmas and other times of the year for real cash prizes. Includes Christmas Day Bingo and where to play bingo on Christmas Day:

Christmas Day Bingo

Most local bingo halls close on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and some even close early on Christmas Eve. But that does not mean you can't play bingo on Christmas Day or those other days the bingo halls are closed.

Instead why not visit www.borntoloaf.co.uk for bingo offers and those websites opened on Christmas Day. Bingo rooms will be open to play cash prize bingo games on Christmas Day and throughout the festive season.

The chat rooms will also be open so if you are lonely this Christmas, or just want to get away from your family this Christmas then head on over where you can register for free and chat live to other bingo players.

You do not need to play bingo games to use the chat rooms and chat with other people on Christmas Day but if you do you can use auto dab to play your bingo games and still be able to chat away with new and existing friends. It is one of the most friendly bingo chat rooms that we have seen on the internet.

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Free £5 Bingo Games - No Credit Card Needed

Some sites offer users a free £5 worth of their bingo games this Christmas. With this free £5 you can play their real bingo games and each game gives you the real chance of winning the cash prizes - handy for Xmas presents.

Registration is usually free and there is no need to leave your credit card details. You only need to leave your name and e-mail address - unless you win and want to claim your cash prize - then you'll need to let the site know your address so that they can send you a cheque.

No Obligation Bingo Games

There is no obligation to continue playing free games or slot machines, but if you do you can claim matched bonuses with each deposit you make.

In addition to the cash prizes there are instant giveaways and promotional offers which have included money, chocolates, t-shirts, perfume, make up and lingerie.

5 Pence Bingo Games

Bingo cards start from only 5 pence and the minimum deposit needed to continue playing bingo after you've used your free £5 is just £10.

Bingo Chat Room

Bingo sites have their own chat room full of friendly bingo players who will welcome you onboard and soon you'll make new friends as well as having fun.

Other bingo websites are also giving away a free £5 to play bingo. Again no deposit is required. In addition they have some great Christmas bingo games and are playing Santa by giving away £5000 in cash during the months of December. All you need to do is take a virtual seat at the bingo tables and buy tickets for the draw.
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