How To Make Banoffee Pie

List of ingredients and cooking directions to make an easy Banoffee Pie to serve four people:

Ingredients For Banoffee Pie

250mls of condensed milk
10 digestive biscuits
3 large peeled and sliced bananas
150mls of whipped cream
50g of melted butter

Optional Topping Ingredients

Grated chocolate
Ground almonds

Banoffee Pie Recipe

This easy to make banoffee pie recipe is for the sweet that is widely recognised throughout the UK. Other countries have variations on banofee pie ingredients and methods of making banofee pie such as a banoffee cheesecake recipe, banoffee cake recipe, the American version of banoffee pie, Irish banoffee pie, banoffee low fat pie, banoffee nestle pie recipe and even a banoffee cheesecake by Delia Smith, the celebrity chef.

Baking Directions For Banoffee Pie

Place the unopened can of condensed milk into a pan of boiling water so that it is submerged. Boil for 3 hours, ensuring that you top up the boiling water so that the can remains covered in water. This will make the toffee. Remove from the pan and allow to cool down before opening the can. That is the traditional way to make banoffee pie but it has been known for the tins to explode in the kitchen, especially since it is unopened and boiled for so long. Uttertrivia would highly recommend buying pre made toffee filling for the banoffee pie because of this risk.

Crush the biscuits to a crumble.

Add the butter and mix.

Open the can of condensed milk and blend this toffee mixture with the bananas.

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Either use individual glasses or bowls or a large cake tin to put a layer of biscuit mix and then a topping of the toffee and bananas. Top with the whipped cream.

To decorate the pies use the grated chocolate and ground almonds to garnish.

Place in the fridge to set before serving.

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History of Banoffee Pie

The history of banoffee pie dates back to 1960s when chef Ian Dowding was working as a assistant sous-chef and first commis chef at a Berkshire restaurant working alongside a chef called Russell. One of Russellís secret recipes was a pudding made from boiling sugar, butter and cream mixed together to form a toffee. This was then poured into a pastry case and whipped cream, which was coffee flavoured, was placed on top. Unfortunately this recipe did not always work and the chef did a Gordon Ramsey! It was called Blumís Coffee Toffee Pie (BCT) and originally came from America.


Ian Dowding moved to The Hungry Monk in Jevington, East Sussex in the 1970s. He was able to cook more adventurous meals and when chatting to his sister learnt about a rich sweet dish made from boiling an unopened can of condensed milk in water for several hours to form a delicious toffee. Together with the owner, Nigel Mackenzie, Ian set about devising his own fruit based recipe. They tried many fruits such as mandarin and apple before settling on bananas. They did not want to call the recipe Blumís Coffee Toffee Pie so took the first letters of banana and toffee to make banoffi though in later years the pie became known as banoffee.

Banoffee pie

Their original banoffi pie proved popular with their regular customers, so much so that people would only book a table at the restaurant if they knew banoffipie would be on the menu. Before long the recipe was no longer a secret and other chefs at other restaurants throughout England, Scotland and Wales were creating their own recipes for banoffi pie. The popular pudding soon reached across the waters to international diners in countries as far as Australia and America. Sadly Ian did not trademark the banoffi or banoffee name or recipe and it was easy to copy. It is so popular now that shops and supermarkets sell many variations of banoffee pies, banoffee cakes, banoffee biscuits, banoffee ice cream and even banoffee flavoured sweeties such as banoffee Jelly Bellies.

Banoffee Pie Photo

In 1989 Ian Dowding opened his own restaurant called Quincys in Seaford, East Sussex.

Banoffee Dessert

Another way to make a Banoffee Dessert is to bake individual mini banofee pies using a can of Carnation Caramel. This easy banoffee dessert takes about ten minutes to make and can be ready to eat within about 20 minutes.

Mini Banoffee Pie Ingredients

250g of chocolate digestive biscuits
1 can of 397g carnation caramel
50g butter
3 small sliced bananas
1 284ml carton of double cream that has been softly whipped
Cocoa powder or grated chocolate to garnish the top of each banoffee dessert pie

How To Make Mini Banoffee Pie

Put the chocolate digestive biscuits into a food or freezer bag and place on a chopping board. Crush by hand or use a rolling pin to gently roll and crush the biscuits. Alternatively put the chocolate digestive biscuits into a food processor and blend until they become crumbs.

mini banoffee pie

Add the crushed biscuits to a mixing bowl and add the butter. Mix together and then press this biscuit mixture into six loose bottomed flan tins. Use the back of a metal spoon to firmly press down the biscuit mixture. Chill the mixture for at least 20 minutes in the fridge so that the biscuit base becomes firm.

Gently remove from the flan tins and place on a plate. Spread the Carnation Caramel over the biscuit bases and top with most of the sliced bananas.

Top each banoffee dessert with the whipped cream and finish off with the remaining sliced bananas and then sprinkle of cocoa powder or grated chocolate.

Place in the fridge to set for about 20 minutes and then serve.

banoffee dessert

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