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666 is the number of the Beast according to Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation in the New Testament Bible. Some Bible scholars think that the Beast it refers to may not be Satan but actually refers to Rome, Roman emperor worship and Roman Gods and emperors and those opposed to Jesus Christ and God.

Over the centuries there has been much superstition and legends surrounding these three numbers. In recent years it has been fuelled by the date of Tuesday the sixth of June two thousand and six (6/6/06) and the re-making of the horror film The Omen. Doom mongers thought this date marked the end of time when the Antichrist will reveal himself. Other pessimists thought there would be global warming catastrophes such as earthquakes or evil acts such as terrorist attacks. Some expectant mothers and even doctors have put forward, or tempted fate by delaying, their elective Caesarean section dates. Some people embraced the date and chose to get married on the 6/6/6 - even requesting to marry at 6 minutes past 6am! Maybe these people were Devil worshippers - or perhaps the bride wanted to ensure that her husband would always remember their wedding anniversary dates!

Events on the 6/6/6 date included a radio station in America called Radio Free Satan having a party where only heavy metal bands performed. Many groups and bands released Devil related songs on the 6th June 2006. In Los Angeles, America, the Church of Satan held a high mass.

The Christian calendar was not in use when the Bible was written so no date could have been predicted and surely the correct abbreviation would be 6606?

Make your own mind up about the significance of these numbers for the Devil with the trivia below:

During the Middle Ages people would try to make names mean 666 by calculating if the numbers of their name added up to 666.

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The first Apple Computer, the Apple I, had a list price of $666.

The numbers on a roulette table, from 1 to 36, add up to 666.

The sum of the squares of the first seven prime numbers is 666.

Viagra, the anti impotence drug, has a molecular weight of 666.7 g/mol.

The currency of Japan is the yen. The coins available in the yen are 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500. Take one of each coin and add them up and you will have 666 yen.

The police in Ireland are called the Garda. Their police station telephone numbers in Dublin, Ireland start with 666. Other places that have phone numbers that begin with 666 include Little Rock in Arkansas, Hernando County in Florida, Houston in Texas and Hsinchu in Taiwan.

A road in England was nicknamed The Devil's Highway by CB radio users because it is the A666. It runs from Pendlebury to Langho.

The British Forces Post Office Number for the British Task Force during The Falklands War Campaign in 1982 was BFPO 666. This included the ships HMS Canberra, the Queen Elizabeth 2, HMS Coventry, HMS Fearless, HMS Intrepid and the troops on the ground. The UK land forces in the Falklands War were 3 Commando Brigade (The Royal Marines, Parachute Regiment, Royal Artillery and the Blues and Royals) and 5 Infantry Brigade (2nd Battalion Scots Guards, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, 1st Battalion the Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Gurkha Rifles and units from the Royal Artillery, Army Air Corps and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers).

Number Of The Beast

Iron Maiden, the UK heavy metal band made an album called The Number of the Beast, in 1982. Later in the year their producer Martin Birch was involved in a car accident during the band's tour. The garage repair bill came to exactly £666. Martin Birch was spooked by this and would only pay for the damage when the garage changed the bill to cost more. The single from the album reached number 18 in the UK top forty charts - add 6+6+6...

The virtual cartoon band Gorillaz have an animated bassist called Murdoc Niccals. He was born on 6 June 1966 and is a member of the Church of Satan.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, The Phantom of the Opera, starts with an auction of a restored chandelier with the lot number 666.

The horror film The Exorcist (1973) was edited at 666th Fifth Avenue in New York, USA.

A Clockwork Orange (1971), which was directed by Stanley Kubrick had a character called Alex (played by actor Malcolm McDowell). He was portrayed as The Beast and when he was arrested by two policemen the police officers ID's were 665 and 667. Stanley Kubrick also directed 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). He died 666 days before January 1, 2001 - the date setting for this film.

On the 6 June 1976 The Omen film was released. It spawned a series of four films about the Antichrist who had the Mark of the Beast on his scalp, under his hair. The 666 birthmark belonged to the main character, Damien Thorn. The other sequel films in the series were Damien: Omen II (1978), Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981), Omen IV: The Final Awakening (1991) with several television film spin offs such as The Omen Legacy (2001) Blood Omen II: Legacy of Kain (2002). The 666 was explained to mean the Unholy Trinity: The Devil, the Antichrist and the False Prophet.
The movie was re-made and re-released by 20th Century Fox on the 6th of June, 2006 - the 6th of the 6th, 06. It starred Seamus Fitzpatrick as Damien Thorn. The tagline was His Day Will Come and the film was promoted with black billboards that said 6+6+06 and The signs are all around you or You have been warned.

The code to shut down the world's power and end civilisation in the John Carpenter film Escape From L.A (1996) was 666.

In the film Pulp Fiction (1994) by Quentin Tarantino the main plot centres on finding a briefcase owned by Marcellus Wallace (played by actor Ving Rhames). The combination to the lock is 666.

In the film Bedazzled (2000), The Devil is played by a female (Elizabeth Hurley). She gives the main character, Elliot Richards (played by Brendan Frasier) a pager with the number 666. The film was written by Peter Cook, based on his 1976 screenplay.

During the showing of The Passion Of The Christ (2004) by Mel Gibson in cinemas in Rome a computer had randomly generated ticket numbers with 666 printed within the tickets.

The President of the United States of America from 1981 until 1989 was Ronald Wilson Reagan. He had three names, each with six letters. He and his wife, Nancy Reagan lived in Bel-Air California which had the house number 666 on his block. Nancy Reagan changed it to 668. Did this make him The Beast? The Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran called the U.S. The Great Satan - though the Persian word he used could be interpreted as either the enemy or as Satan.

Nelson Mandela was an inmate at Robben Island. His prisoner number was 466/64.

Other Names For Satan

  • The Devil
  • The Beast
  • Old Nick
  • Auld Nick
  • Cloven Hoof
  • Beelzebub
  • Abaddon
  • Dragon
  • Lucifer
  • Power Of Darkness
  • Prince Of Darkness
  • Antichrist
  • The Tempter
  • Serpent
  • The Wicked One
  • The Fallen Angel
  • Common Enemy
  • Diabolus
  • Shaitan
  • Eblis
  • King Of Hell
  • Angel Of The Bottomless Pit
  • Apollyon
  • The Foul Fiend
  • Angra Mainyu
  • Ahriman
  • Old Harry
  • Auld Hornie
  • Mephisto
  • Clootie

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