How To Make A Witches Magic Hat

Easy to make witches black magic hat with step by step instructions

Witches Hat
Halloween wouldn't be spooky enough without a few witches black magic hats. Below are easy to follow instructions to make a black hat for a child - or click on the witches hat on the left to buy one ready made with a buckle. Children should have adult supervision whilst making the witches magic hat because it involves using sharp scissors.

Items Needed To Make A Black Pointed Witch Hat

Stiff black paper or cardboard



Decorations such as glitter, sequins, star and moon shapes


45cm of string

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Directions To Make A Witch Hat

Witch Magic Black Hat Cat Cartoon
Tie the string to the pencil. Use this as a guide to draw a circle and semi-circle on the black paper or cardboard.

Glue the semi-circle down the side to make the cone that will be the size of your head.

Draw around the cone in the centre of the paper circle.

Draw another circle that is 2cm inside the previous one.

Cut around the inside line.

Cut the flaps up to the outside line.

Use the flaps to glue the cone to the brim.

Decorate the witches hat with glitter and the sticky shapes.

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