Animal Trivia Questions

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Birds That Fly Backwards

Do Ostriches Really Bury Their Heads

Fastest Animal

Filly And Mare Difference

How Hippopotamus' Got Their Name

Is There A Wahoo Bird?

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The Drummer Boy

The Drummer Boy is my latest novel about the ghost of a Gordon Highlander Drummer Boy from the Battle of Waterloo who haunts a modern day army nurse.

It is packed with trivia about the Napoleonic War, His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen, the history of Tidworth Military Hospital and about modern day nursing and emergency first aid as well as the battlefield medical care during the Battle of Waterloo.

Read the first three chapters for free on most devices.

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Number of Tentacles on a Squid

Removing Fish Smells

Why Horses Have Eyes At The Side Of Their Heads

Why Some Fish Are Flat

Chinese Animal New Year Birth Signs And Their Meanings

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